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    I just want to share my joy with you guys... I orderd my Blue Visor Deluxe on 9/16 and I received it on 10/26. Originally I wanted to post on this board right away but I have been busy playing with my visor. I love it!!!

    Anyway, I also want to know whether I am the first one in Boston to have a Visor.

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    Boston - I ordered my Blue VDx 10/1. I called Handspring 11/5 and got through after 10min wait. I was told about two weeks. How do you like the color?
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    I live in the Boston area, ordered a blue visor deluxe on 9/15, received it on 10/26. Looks like you're not the only one who'll be riding the T with one of these babies! I love mine, played with it so much I just had to change the batteries. =)
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    i ordered a graphite visor deluxe on 9/15 and had numerous problems with the credit card info. latest word is that i will receive it within the next two weeks.
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    Don't believe the "two week" line. They say that to me every two weeks. They might as well just say "get off my back, I don't know anything about anything."
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    I love the color. It's great.

    many of my friends are getting a visor after seeing mine. Some even sold their palmV's for the visor.
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    I got mine on 10/25 in Boston as well...may be i'm the first one in the area..
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    I meant 10/26...there is no way i can receive earlier than that..

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