I Finally Got It!

I ordered early on Sept 14 and finally FedEx delivered it today. What caused this sudden shipment you may ask? Well after much frustration with the CSR's I finnally was given the corporate number and called them. I left a message in Donna Dubinski's voicemail, and the next day I revieced a call from her "administrative assistant" Sandy Tores. She informed me that she didnt know why it hadnt ship, but that it would go out on the 4th, and low and behold I recieved it. Now..I'm pleased, after a Customer Service nightmare it looks like Handspring redeemed themseleves and she ensured me (as she did everyone) that the worst is over.

As for my inpressions of my Blue Visor Deluxe, I love it and have but 2 complaints: The Stylus...it sucks...light, short, bad feel, and I'm not a big fan of the way it fits into the visor. What I did do, is bid on and won a 4 in 1 pen w/ stylus from the Sharper Image Auctions. ( http://auctions.sharperimage.com ) I got it for 12 dollars. (retail 30?) Its great, has a nice heavy feel, and it also has a pen, pencil and highlighter. My 2nd complaint...the manual. When I buy something, I like to have something to read at night in bed while I play with my new toy. But not with the visor, I had to waste my time printing it from Acrobat Reader. - Thats it for now, Otherwise I am extreemly thrilled and delighted. I've loaded up with about 4 mb of apps, and I'm still adding more.

I hope everyone else gets their orders.