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    I just called HS to check on my order status (was going to try and get an order number so that maybe I could track it on the web) but the CSR I had couldn't find my order. Surprise! Was afraid this would happen cause the first CSR I got could barely speak english when I ordered. Luckily I've only been waiting for two weeks.

    The CSR this time took my information again and said he's give it to his supervisor and have him put me on the [I]priority[I] list. Lucky me...what's that me? Probably nothing except I'll have to wait just as long as the rest of you.

    Then when I was giving him my order I said I wanted the five stylus pack and he was like "Oh, I didn't know we were selling any stylus pens." Leaves me with a great impression of the guy....I'm sure he was a rookie cause he acted like one (or a complete idea which is closer to the truth).

    I now expect to see my credit card get charged twice and for UPS to deliver two Visor Deluxes.

    Lets hope it's worth the aggrevation. This is my first PDA and I really want the Visor because of what it offers (8mb RAM, Springboard, etc..) so I'm trying to be reasonable about things but it just seems that HS isn't trying hard enough to fix the problems they've got.

    I realize that I shouldn't be complaing, in fact I really feel sorry for those that ordered back in September that haven't gotten theirs yet. I don't know how I would deal with it if I was in the same boat.

    Kyle "Kazin" Heon

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    I order my HS on Day 1, about 4 days later I change my order from Black to Blue. The shipped Black - that's okay with me. When I changed my order, at the same time I order a serial cable. I called yesterday, 11-4-99; they had no record of the order. But I did recieved an e-mail about the order. Anyway, they where going to 'push' the serial cable for shippment in mid-Nov. The USB is working nice.
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    When I called at night - I thought that maybe a Indian Company in India were handling the calls at night, while during the day, the American offices were. The night people didn't seem to be knowledgable about the product their suppose to take orders for. For instance, when I asked how much info I can store on a Visor Deluxe, the person advised me to call technical support for help.
    But during like September, the people at night seemed very polite and curitous - I remember my hold time being no more than 5 minutes, on my original order.
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    Yeah I called back again that night cause the guy I had the first time sounded like a complete moron. But still no luck. This 2nd CSR still couldn't find my order. I didn't give him the details a third time though. The sad thing is that the first guy didn't even know what I was talking about when I said I wanted to order the 5-Pack of Stylus....he was like "Oh I didn't know we were selling those." Sheesh...right there I should have hung up.

    Well yesterday I called BUY.COM and ordered the Palm IIIx for $209! I didn't really want to but I've had it with this. Maybe with Handsprings next product will I look at them again (when I'm in the market for a new PDA). The Palm IIIx is still a good choice and for a savings of about $60 I think I may have made the more intelligent choice. Again, I didn't want to though and I hope that all you first day order(ers) have the patience to hang in there for theirs. I know I couldn't though. When they said they couldn't find my order I pretty much new right then and there that I wasn't going to stay with the Visor. Too bad really cause it has such potential but for the time being I'll let HS iron out their start-up blues and maybe in a year or so I'll check em out again.

    Take care!

    Kyle "Kazin" Heon

    Gamers Crypt - Eye of the gaming maelstrom!

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