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    Looking at recent posts it looks like Handspring is using Fedex Overnight on some orders (and throwing in some extra styli to boot).

    For those of us who are still waiting (since Sept 17 or so, and my info has always been correct...), maybe those who've got theirs via Fedex could pass along some info. Did you call at all re. your order? Were you put on a 'priority' list? Or is Handspring maybe making a big push to clean up outstanding September orders?

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    I got mine Fedex, but only after they forgot to send my order AGAIN, AFTER Donna Dubinsky specifically sent mine through. I got it yesterday. (no extras, but they did get me the correct color (graphite) after I changed from blue)
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    Hi Rudderdemon,

    My order was shipped Fedex. I did call to check up on my order three times, but I'm not so sure that that was the reason for the upgrade to FedEx, because I was never told anything about a priority list, nor was I given any indication that my order was exceptionally screwed up--beyond being delayed. I was told conflicting information by the CSRs, but only with regard to the shipping date. No double-charge or garbled order data...

    It could be as you say, that HS is just cleaning up Sept orders.

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    Ragamuffinn, I'm sure the reason your order shipped by FedEx is not just because you called to check on it more than 2 times. I think its because of your excellent, (and threatening), email which got the direct attention of Donna Dubinski herself.

    There are lots of us who have called more than twice on late orders, who have been "prioritized," "escalated," and given several other CSR verbal placebos (read *lies*). Obviously CSR's are not the ones who have the authority to FedEx a Visor overnight. The only pull they have is to fill out a "fix order form" by hand and pass it to their supervisor, (throw it in the growing pile of mistakes), where it may or may not get fixed this century.

    The only ones getting FedEx packages are those who complain the loudest so that the truely higher up people say "oh no, someone is going to cost us Big Time if we don't placate them... QUICK! Call FedEx now!!!"

    Maybe I should launch my own personal campaign of "why has it taken you people so long to fix my order..." The other choice is to remain with the rest of the screwed up orders for who knows how long.

    ....And they said they were shipping to Canada...
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    Isn't FedEx and UPS more or less the same?
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    Man...I really do feel bad now. If it's true that I received my Visor as a result of that letter, I think that others have been indirectly jilted. It's great that I have a Visor now--believe me, I'm glad to have one (Thank you, Handspring)--but I didn't deserve my order to be rushed ahead of those who had real problems. I was speaking for everyone when I sent the letter to Donna, and I didn't expect that an order should be rushed to me. I was perfectly willing to wait. I just wanted to be told, honestly, what was happening, and be given an apology.

    I hope that my letter is not being perceived, in hindsight, as a means toward receiving a rush delivery. So let me exhort everyone to give Handspring the room to come good on their delivery. If you're still waiting after Christmas, then by all means, fire away. But for now, after a couple of rounds of emails with Donna, I am convinced that they are working their tails off to get things straight. I think you'll have your order soon.

    take care,

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    I did not write a letter and I recieved my Visor FedX yesterday. I only called once to make sure that the order information was correct.

    So the theory that it was because of your letter I believe is false.
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    HipHop: Both UPS & FedEx offer overnight service, but FedEx specializes in it (and that's how it made it's name)and it carries the panche of "special & important" treatment.

    rags: while am happy that you finally got your VDx, I am disappointed that it has not turned into a general solution for a number of the September Gang (including me). I will be watching to see what happens with MelonBoy's letter, and contemplating my own campaign (aside from the fact I have about 10 people in my office asking to if it arrived, and could they see it!).
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    Based on fairly extensive business experience with both methods, I'd have to say that FedEx is *much, much* better at not losing packages. Their tracking system seems much more sophisticated. UPS loses stuff all the time, despite package tracking.
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    In the past, I had better service with UPS. Usually, if I have a problem with shipping, its the company.
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    Fed Ex doesn't seem to have a lower price for shipping like UPS does sometimes (ALthough 8.50 for a friggin stylus pack is absurd).

    I paid 18 bucks for a DVD player fed ex and got it in 2 days (not a light box). Ordering computer parts through another company cost me a BS amount of 29 for probably a 4lb box. Got that in 7 business days.

    I'm not a huge UPS fan, but I will buy their stock if/when they go public soon
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    So what Fed-Ex overnight shipping did you receive? Standard or Priority?

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