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    After getting off the phone ten minutes ago, and the CSR saying it had not shipped yet, my visor just showed up at the door from FedEX "WorldWide".....

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    Has your card been charged?
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    THERE'S STILL HOPE. Fortunately, I'm not holding my breath, so I can continue to blow steam on my frustration.
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    I was told by Handspring, when I placed my order, that it would be sent UPS ground or next day...
    But ppl are posting that the got their handspring from Fed-Ex.
    Can anyone confirm this?
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    It was sent FedEx (Standard Overnight)

    48105 Warm Springs Blvd.
    Fremont CA 94539
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    Read my post

    It explains what you have been hearing.
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    So do the Customer Service people know if a ordered ship? Or I'm I wasting my time calling like on mondays and fridays to check up on my order....
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    At this time, you are spinning your wheels. If you have an early order, they know nothing about what HS is doing, so it is pointless to ask them. Even when later orders begin to ship again, the CSR database is only updated on Mondays.
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    staad, I'm really amazed on how much you know about Handspring. Do you work for Handspring?

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