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    It seems that a lot of us ordered on 9/17 and still have not recieved our Visors. This date keeps coming up through the message board with bad comments of no Visor's being at doorsteps. My information has been correct with Handspring ever since i ordered with a VISA/Debit card on 9/17 at 4:30 EST. Handspring still says that it has not shipped with no explanation.

    Anyone who has recieved theirs after ordering on 9/17, please tell us your information.

    Credit Card type?
    Time ordered on 9/17?

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    I am with you! I ordered a Blue Viser Deluxe on 9/17 and still have not received it!
    This is getting ridiculous!
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    Recieved mine today about 12:30 PM
    Ordered 9/22
    Live in Temperance Michigan
    color Blue
    Ordered by phone (a couple days before online orders)
    Was told a week ago that my order was entered correctly and that it was in the hands of shipping.
    The CSR stuck to the company line 4-6 weeks after order.
    And could not confirm that it actually shipped.
    I was frustrated and must admit my patience was running out. I was trying to tell myself that another couple of weeks was OK!
    Hang in there it looks like handspring is doing all they can.
    They delivered mine 5 weeks 6 days. One day ahead of schedule. I realize that your six week mark has now past. Hope to here good news from you soon!
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    Thanks boulder, but I think we are looking for people who ordered on 9/17....
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    I placed my order on 9/17 for an ice visor. They had put a hold on my credit card for the ~250 bucks. I called last night to ask if there were any charges, and my CC told me there was nothing from handspring there at all! So I called this morning, over broken lines. After only about 15 min. I got a csr, and talked to him. He was nice, grabbed my info and went to look it up. He supposedly found my info, and told me it had not shipped yet, and that he would pass it on to a "higher" authority since it has been over the due date. I don't think I will ever get it. I am especially jealous of Nitpicking Department, because she has her Ice visor, and ordered after me, lucky duck.

    Hey Codemonkey, did you get your Ice visor yet?

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    Welcome to Visor Air, flight 9-17. We will be making a crash landing, but your call IS important to us! Please be assured that even though your order was placed on 9/17 and has been marked "priority" once and "escalated" twice, it has not actually shipped.

    Ordered by phone: 9/17
    Visor Deluxe

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    Hey Ire, don't get too jealous too fast. I am still Visorless, although I have reason to believe mine *may* have shipped ...thought I might see it today, but the UPS man has come and gone....
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    Oops, sorry, I though you already had it! I hope you get it soon, I gues I read your post wrong. But you CC has been charged right? Mine doesn't show a thing on it. If you do get it soon, let me know how you like the Ice color!
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    Nope. Nothing yet. But then none of us online orders have had any hint of a credit card charge or been given anything beyond the typical "4 to 6 weeks" line. I hope that if all your info is correct that you *do* beat me. I know that it pisses *me* off that people who ordered in late October already have theirs but those that ordered online have been ignored. So I can only imagine what you guys are going through. I could have ordered on the very first day but chose to wait. Looks like I'd have been screwed either way.
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    I ordered 9/17. A Blue Visor Deluxe. I have called 3 times since then and sent 3 3 e-mails. NO response to the e-mails, and 3 different stories about why it still has not shipped, much less reached it's destination. I'm in SC and I charged it to VISA. No charge has shown up, no package has shown up. This whole situation is absolutely unbelievable!
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    Ordered 9/15
    Graphite Visor Delux
    Not here yet.
    Raleigh, NC
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    No Visor, No CC charge, No reasonable CS explanation why.

    Ordered by phone 9/17, std shipping
    Visor Dlx Graphite + serial cradle
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    That is scary that Graphite orders aren't being recieved. I have seen plenty of October graphites being delivered. This is really just snafu. I will probly forget that I ordered the damn thing, and then it will show up on my doorstep. You know, a watched pot never boils type thing...
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    On September 17, 1999, several hundred people placed an order for Handspring Visors while in the woods near Burkettsville, Maryland...

    ...a year later, their Visor's still haven't been found.
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    I ordered on 9/18. One blue and one green. I asked for Express mail. I had to correct HS once because my order got changed to regular UPS. I called another time and tried to fix the shipping back to Express AGAIN - The CSR said that if I changed it I would be bounced to the back of the list. Now I wish I had. I could have gotten my Visors by now. One Visor was a birthday gift this past weekend. Instead I issued an IOU. They still can give no answers as to WHY they haven't shipped!
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    SEnd Boston,
    Read my posts throughout this topic under different threads.

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