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    I just got a call from a Handspring CSR. I just placed a 2nd order this morning for my wife's Visor Deluxe with a black leather case. The CSR called me back (Good response) to tell me that they don't have part numbers for the cases yet. So I can only order the cases via the web. However, that means I have to pay yet another shipping cost. Ironically, I had just finished ordering MY case from Rhino Cases. If I had known then that I couldn't order via the phone I would have found another case from Rhino and ordered it. Now no matter where I order it I have to pay another shipping charge. Oh well, at least Rhino HAS the cases in stock and I know I'll have them next week.

    So, before you spend time on hold trying to order a case on the phone, buyer beware. I hope this saves someone else time and frustration.
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    I haven't noticed has anyone received one of the upgraded cases?

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