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    Well, it's official. Ms. Dubinsky has sent the final reply thus canceling my Visor. I miss it already (even though I never got it). The complete correspondence between Ms. Dubinsky and myself is pasted below. Thanks for all the info you guys provided and the fun you gave me reading these boards. I'll try to check in on you guys now and then, but if anybody needs anything that I might be able to help with, just let me know. Take care and enjoy your Visors!


    ______________Email #1___________________
    Ms. Dubinsky,
    I apologize for writing you directly, but since all other channels have been
    unsuccessful, I have no other option. I was one of the first people to
    order a new Visor Deluxe (Ice) as soon as I knew they were available. I
    ordered on 9/16. The reason I was an early adopter was the tremendous
    possibilities with this amazing new product.
    You see, I am a Systems Administrator for a small college. I have over 600
    students using my network daily. There is an elite group of 30 - 50
    students that are, in my opinion, cream of the crop in regards to
    technologically savvy. What we were trying to do was incorporate our PDA's
    into our existing network so that they could sync with their information on
    their user folders instead of using floppies or bringing their laptops in
    with them. The problem we were incurring was that out of 30+ users, we had
    several different PDAs. Our solution? Everybody upgrade their PDA to a
    single platform. New Problem, not everybody could afford a new PDA. Along
    comes Handspring & the revolutionary Visor. With both the standard and
    deluxe models available, almost everybody could afford to upgrade to this
    new platform. The features were great and the Springboard capabilities were
    a wonderful bonus. Several students have already started to work on ideas
    to develop Springboard modules/applications.
    What we decided to do then was order one VDx and see how it performed before
    everybody ordered their own unit. However, since I placed my order, there
    has been nothing but heartache and problems with trying to receive your
    product. I've only called twice since placing the initial order. The first
    call was to confirm my order after the news that there would be no
    confirming emails. The second call was last week to find out the status of
    my order.
    Since my last call, I have found a very reasonable deal on some Palm
    III/IIIx units, and also found out about their new server software and
    cradles with network cables built in. We (the students and I) have a
    meeting tomorrow morning (11/3), to discuss the change in plans to Palm
    units and the new server software system.
    This letter was not meant to be a Handspring bashing or ask for pity, but it
    was meant just to let you know the kinds of benefits, research & free
    advertising that your company has lost due to the incompetence's of your
    Customer Service department. Good Luck in the future and maybe our paths
    will cross again someday.

    ________________Email #2 (reply from Dubinsky)_________________
    I appreciate your taking the time to write me this note. Believe me, I'm
    not happy with our rocky start here! It's not been the fault of the
    customer service organization, by the way. What happened was that some data
    was corrupted as it was sent from the order entry system to the shipping
    system. We have had an enormously difficulty sorting out the data, which
    has made it hard for the order folks to see status. We've turned the
    corner, and I believe we'll be able to fix the problems, as well as
    implement a far better system in the future. We recognize that we have lost
    some business along the way, and we're going to work hard to earn it back in
    the future.

    If there is anything I can do for you relative to your order, please let me
    know. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.
    ________________Email #3 (BC's reply)______________

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I understand the problems you have and
    continue to face with the start of this company. I can't bring myself to
    ask for special assistance with my order when so many are having problems,
    but I do appreciate the offer. As for my student group, one of the members
    was reading the letter I sent this morning and corrected me on the date.
    Our meeting is 11/4 (Thursday) morning. I will present my letter and your
    response to them at that time. I will leave it up to the voting population
    as to what we decide next. Several have voiced their opinion to move toward
    Palm, but almost as many have decided to stick with Handspring (mainly the
    developers in the group that are so excited about the springboard). If you
    would like, I can let you know what they decide tomorrow. If there is
    anything you'd like to say to the group, just let me know and I'll make sure
    they have all the information before making their decision.
    Thank you again for your prompt reply and the personal attention that you
    have given this matter.
    ____________Email #4 (Dubinsky's next reply)____________
    I wish I could give you more definite info, but at this point, I'm not
    making any promises unless I know I can deliver against them. All I can say
    is that I am involved in this almost full time at this point, and I believe
    we are making great progress.

    Keep me posted!
    _____________Email #5 (BC's last letter) ___________________
    Ms. Dubinsky,

    Thank you again for taking the time to read the messages. I know you are
    extremely busy. I just wanted you to know what the group decided this
    morning. 23 of the students made it in time for the vote. I gave them all
    copies of our correspondence yesterday. The results of the vote were 12
    votes to go with Palm, and 9 to stick with Handspring. The weirdest thing I
    noticed was that 5 of the 7 students that were so interested in developing
    springboard technology voted for Palm. I still haven't figured that one
    I would now like to take you up on your offer to help me with my order. As
    much as I would love to have a Visor (and think it would change several
    minds & probably change the vote), I can not afford to purchase both a Visor
    and a new Palm unit. As much as I hate to do this, could you please help me
    cancel my order (my information is below)? I apologize for the way this has
    happened, but I have no control over the group as far as decision making.
    Good Luck to you and your company. Maybe one day we will be able to
    implement Visors in our network to replace the upcoming Palms. Thank you
    for all your assistance.
    _____________Email #6 (Dubinsky's last reply)____________
    Thanks for the update, and I appreciate the situation. I've copied our
    customer relations staff to ask them to cancel your order.

    Thanks again to VisorCentral's Staff for a great site, and to all the members for the information and good times. Take care!


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    It really is very sad, isnt it ?
    I have cancelled as well... (I hope, I think)
    I never heard anything back sent I sent the
    cancellation email. My new Palm IIIx is
    here now.

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