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    In sincerest regards,

    To begin, I hope that maybe this email can finally shed some serious explanation on my behalf and then in a serious response on Handspring's part. This is my third email to this website.

    I ordered my much-awaiting Visor on September 22. The kind woman took my order, and read it off to me and I distinctly remember every piece she repeated being correct. This holds true to the day. I have called numerous times with confirmations on my account and all information still stands correct. This gives me a sigh of relief, considering the mass of members on the website VisorCentral.Com Discussion board and their endless problems.

    To this date, I have yet to have one error in my first name, last name, middle initial, shipping and billing address, city, state, zip, credit card #1 number, and credit card #2 number. Yes, two credit cards. Handspring seems to be denying debit cards for billing reasons, so during my multiple status checks per week I offered a second credit card just to make sure this is NO REASON why my order should be held back any longer.

    In this email, I do not want to set the tone of anger. I am frustrated, but I am not angry. I anticipate the arrival of my Visor more and more each day. With hallow excuses from CSR's every phone call stating, "There is no reason why it shouldn't ship, it just hasn't", it becomes very disappointing. Handspring has been receiving a lot of bad publicity in very recent publications. Please, please correct these problems/issues as soon as possible and begin shipping Visor to those who have not had account problems, but still have nothing tangible concerning the process of being shipped. I have been working in the computer industry for over 11 years, and seen first-hand the boom that can be difficult to get a handle upon. But, in this specific situation, I have not had any problems with my account, can I please get some feedback as to why my account which has been upgraded to priority status, has not been shipped? Again, this is very disappointing but if time is extended any further I will have to begin shopping for a Palm Pilot or TRGPro. Has Handspring noticed that the market is evolving into many choices now, does it expect to stand out from the crowd. This type of product dispensing can, in no way, set the company as a whole and its product that it develops, into a positive light or dominant product. At least, for the compensation of the buyer please show that you care about this matter. Compensation could be express "priority" shipping, extra pack of stylus, anything... just show that you are have a handle and can satisfy the customer base as well. I look forward to a speedy response; my order is past due and patience is no longer in excess. You have a great idea, a great product, and I would like to be a part of your success but I depend upon your customer care in order to satisfy such.

    Thank you,


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    It'll be fun to see if you get the same reply or a different one. Even more if your visor shows up FedEx tomorrow
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    So here is my response...

    makes me sad so I will follow with my response to this.

    Dear "timmins"

    Please contact our Customer Support line at 1 716 871 6442 to verify the status of your order. Our Customer Service Department is open 8 am to 8 pm Eastern standard time.

    Thank you for your interest in Handspring.

    Handspring Sales Team


    You might have misread my email, therefore I will have to get directly to my point. Please forward this to Donna Dubinsky. I know for a fact that she has been involved with Customer Care and would like her to be aware of my problem. I have already call the phone number you have list multiple times, and answers that are given are only hallow excuses. Please forward this entire email to Ms. Donna Dubinsky. My interest in Handspring should be a little more appreciated than forwarding my back to the same route I have been sitting static on for the past 6 weeks.
    Thank you,


    Someone please tell me if I am wrong...

    that's a cop-out response. Call us, don't write us.

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    I agree... COME ON!
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    It seems that the response from the "Customer Care" for is a canned response. The only "live" responses that I have received have been from HS Customer Service, Marketing, and Ms. Dubinsky herself. At this point, it looks as if the "Customer Care" form really isn't of any great value.
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    If it is canned why was the From: field filled in with "Walter Handspring". Who is Walter... I dunno.


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