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    I Ordered Oct 1 and was told another two again...
    It's still within six weeks so I should be able to wait patiently, hopefully.
    I was wondering however if anyone from Canada has even begun to receive theirs. I understand there are several September orders out there from north of the border. Any luck guys (or girls)?
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    This is about the 4th thread on this subject. I have followed the others, and cannot remember one Canadian posting about receiving a visor. Some have cancelled their orders however and gone with Palm.

    I ordered 9/16. My order was taken down on paper and in the process, mixed up. I have called at least 5 times to correct the misinformation, but it remains incorrect time after time after time. I really don't expect much from this company at this point. I would be interested to know if there are any Canada orders received yet or if Handspring's claim that they were shipping to Canada is simply another lie.

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