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    Well, let's count the weeks since Sept. 14th. . . I can't believe I still don't have the Visor I ordered. Anyone else?
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    I ordered mine on September 20. Still no Visor.
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    I ordered on September 14th and am still waiting. My credit card was charged October 22. Based on a conversation with Steven (CSR), I believe the wrong unit shipped to the wrong street. I expect it to stay in UPS limbo for a while longer.

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    Sept 21, and no visor!
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    Sept. 14th, 9AM CST....

    UPS says Wed?
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    If you ordered 9/14 and you don't yet have your Visor, be sure to call Handspring. I did, and they had no record of my order. I had my order retakend and was told I'm now on the list to get one "express." But that was 10 days ago...
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    Chalk up another one, 9/14 10am-ish, have called several times and still dont have any info on shipping...I must say, at this point I really don't expect to get one.

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    I ordered Sept. 24...I have made several phone calls..My "wait" may end today..
    Barry (CSR) is to call me today by 5pm
    with an answer if mine has been/will be shipped this week...I will be ordering a
    Palm IIIxTODAY if no call or more run around.. I have had enough.. only 4 hours and 3 minutes to go !

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    I ordered on the 14th of Sept and still have no Visor. However, that may change today or tomorrow. I do have a valid tracking number and, according to the UPS info, I should get it either today or tomorrow.
    Interesting thng is, UPS has delivered it to my home town once before--on 10/22. According to the tracking info, Handspring shipped it on the 15th, just like they said they would! For some reason, it got to Chattanooga and then was sent back to California to start the trip all over again. Now that I have a good tracking number, hopefully I can keep that from happening again.
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    Ordered Sept. 14 am.
    No Visor yet.
    Confirmed that all order info was correct.
    CSR thinks Visa debit card was the problem.
    Changed to Visa credit card 7 days ago.
    Still waiting.

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    Me too, 9/14 Blue. Got serial cradle... waiting...
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    I still don't have mine (ordered 9/14).....given my experiences with HS's Customer "Service", I am wondering if I ever will receive my order.

    Still nothing (11/3). Today I called Handspring and corrected the same error on my order for a third time.

    I have not been one of those who has called every day, nor have I been abusive in my posts here (or to Handspring), nor do I expect much more than just what I ordered --> a brand new, functioning, Blue Visor Deluxe.

    Sadly, like so many of you, I have gotten the runaround too. No real answers. Hollow apologies. Worst of all -- No Blue Visor Deluxe.



    for more details than what are listed here.

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    I ordered my Ice Deluxe on 9/16 around 2pm central. Called last week to check (and possibly cancel), and as of then, everything (information) was correct, but it had not shipped, and didn't know when it would. I was told, "Colors are backordered". We'll see....


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    Ordered on 9/20 early morning ... no visor yet .. was told all info correct and should ship in a week or two ... Add another week to get it to the east coast and I might have it by Thanksgiving ... Maybe

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    Fed Ex arrived this morning with my Blue Visor Deluxe. Ordered 9/14, then had to resubmit 11 days ago when they'd lost the order. They promised I'd have one in about 10 days... I guess 11 is "about 10." :-)
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    I'm still waiting. I called again yesterday regarding my "priority" status order. I was told that I should expect it this week or next.

    Interestingly enough, when I called, the CSR said she couldn't access the database of orders that were escalated so I asked to speak with someone who could. She put me on hold and after 15 minutes came back on and apologized for making me wait on hold. She then said "This company needs to get its s*** together. We have all these people here, and only one manager to cover these calls. I've just about had it."

    No obviously that isn't something a CSR person should be saying to a customer, but with the ordeal I'd been through on my order, I could appreciate where she was coming from on this.
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    Well, I never thought I'd be able to post this, but I actually got my Visor Deluxe today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Synched it up with my existing stuff with no problem. Seems to work just like my Palm V.
    I ordered on Sept 14, and got it today. I think it is an excellent PDA. It's got a lot of capability.
    Turns out that United Parcel Storage was the culprit in my case. Handspring shipped it to me on Oct 15, just as I had heard they did. It got delivered to my home town, but not to me--until today.
    Of course, if I'd been able to get accurate information from Handspring, I might have prevented this extensive delay.
    More later, after extended play time.
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    I ordered 20th Sept. Since I'm in UK I have to get shipped via friend in Virginia.

    Finally got through to Handspring today - apparently there is a big shipment due in 2nd week in Nov, where "hopefully" mine will be shipped (an ICE Visor Deluxe). Friend has received extra serial cradle I ordered with invoice saying unit was backordered....

    I await my new toy....



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    i ordered a visor deluxe on sept. 15th. two weeks ago, i called in to check on the status and found out that my credit card info was incorrect. i also asked whether my visa debit card would cause any problems. i was told that everything was all set and that i had been placed on the priority list with express shipping and that it would take a maximum of 2 1/2 weeks to receive the order.

    i called in again this morning because there was still no charge to my debit account. this time, i was told that the visa debit card may/may not cause problems (handspring has no way of notifying you of a failed credit authorization), so i would be best off if i charged the visor to a regular visa or mastercard. so now, i will have to wait another two weeks to get the shipment.

    the frustrating thing is that unless your card is charged, you have no way of knowing what is causing the shipping delay...whether it's a credit card problem or whether it's due to your place in line.

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    Question to ladewig, Re your post today about the disgruntled CSR.

    Any idea what her name was? Just wondering if it was the same one I spoke with recently. She (or someone like her) had a really bad day too. They're burning out I guess.
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