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    I have an almost identical story to stzul.

    Ordered on Sept 15. Called on 10/22. Everything was correct except for two transposed numbers on credit card. Fixed the order and was told to expect something in the next two weeks (by 11/5). She also said she would upgrade me to express shipping (I hrequested it to begin with - oh well). If it does not get here on Friday, I am cancelling my order. My upgraded PalmPersonal will do for a while longer.
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    Ordered on the 14th and got it week before last (NYC). I called once (and got through) and got a 16 digit tracking number. Went through 01-99 to get the correct 18 digit one to find about half a dozen numbers and eventually one of them came to me.

    I haven't been charged yet :-) but I'm sure that will change. I also think that they never actually told us when we ordered that early exactly when they would ship. We all KNEW we were ordering a product before it was available. Although it is frustrating, I do feel there is some overreacting going on. I think we had an idea that we were getting into something a little nebulous and have to take some responsibility.

    That said, the errors in orders are not what we signed up for. Fortunately mine showed up and I was able to give up my Pilot 1000 that same day. It was worth the wait.
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    The thing that has frustrated me the most is that all of my information is correct and my 9/16 order still hasn't shipped, even though people that ordered in October have already received theirs. That, along with the lack of information, is the reason I'm upset with the whole situation.


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    I ordered 9/14 @ 11am and still don't have mine. Their latest line is that my blue deluxe was backordered - and just to be annoying, I called twice last week, and got the same answer (consistency! wow!)

    I guess I didn't order soon enough? One CSR said mine was the 50-somethingth order... and I'm on a backorder list? I simply can't believe they had so few blues to begin with...sounds like a nice cover-up for someone unwilling to admit they screwed up my order (I've had them double-check; all my info is correct, and I've had no hits on the credit card).

    But no worries, they say, it'll be out the door within two weeks. Hmm. We shall see.
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    I ordered 9am Sept. 14 and in the 49 days since then, I'v reordered 4 times because of mistakes and lost orders. I was promised again on Monday that something would ship within two weeks...

    This has been such a disaster, I wonder what potential Springboard manufactures are thinking. Would you risk your company's future on Handspring right now? And would the Visor be so popular if it wasn't for the strong showing of Springboard manufactures?
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