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    Seems there's been a problem with people being charged $269 rather than $249, the advertised price for Visor Deluxe. That's BEFORE any tax, shipping, or other items.

    Can anyone who has receieved theirs confirm this?
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    I just recieved mine today and I was charged $269 for a deluxe ice version.
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    Same here. After 2 hours of holding on my dime, they disconnected me. That means that I spent $12 in a futile attempt to receive a $20 refund.

    I love my Visor, but there is no way I would inflict this customer service torture on even my worst enemies.
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    I called the 888 number for ordering and complained. The visor was $20 more than my friends, I got charged CA sales tax, and my shipping and handling was $10 instead of the $6. A grand total of $40 over. I called them, they said they would refund the difference. Will see if it appears in a week or so like the promised.
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    I ordered a Visor Deluxe blue w/cradle and got a standard 2MB graphite w/cradle and they charged me $199 instead of $179(the magic $20 other people are being overcharged). PLUS tax which I should not have been charged.

    Seems to me, the only way the item price can be wrong is if the person who initially set up the database entered the wrong price. Sloppy! They didn't even double check. From then on whenever an order-taker enters a Visor order it will have the wrong price until it's fixed. And don't forget the tax problem a lot of people are having.

    Oh yeah, I too spent 2 hrs on hold on the *PAY* line and was diconnected after a voice comes on listing their office hours.

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    I got charged $249 for my graphite VDlx, but I got hit with tax even though I live in TX. I'm gonna give it a couple weeks before I try to get a refund. No sense in wasting hours of time, $20 isn't going to break the bank.
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    I ordered the Standard Visor w/an additional serial cradle. I was charged $199 for the Visor PLUS 19.95 for the cradle. The CSR told me that the price for the Visor+extra cradle was $199. I think the cradle charge is where the error is.
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    the extra $20 is indeed an error check out handspring's renewed site and goto the shipping news page...

    They claim it will be automatically fixed...
    "Serial cradle overcharge: Some customers were charged an extra $20 if a Deluxe Visor was ordered with a serial cradle. We have identified these orders, and will be putting through credits for the $20 directly to these customer accounts within the next few weeks. You do not need to contact us to request this credit; it will be done automatically."

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    I just got my credit card bill and the "automatic" fix of the $20 overcharge per Donna was not fixed. I just got off the phone with a CSR who had a heavy accent and a really bad phone (static) and he said that he'd escalate it to his manager to get it fixed. We'll see...
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    The odd thing is that when I called HS on 10/7 (at the same time that I was ordering online) they told me that there would be an extra $20 charge for the second cradle. Seemed reasonable at the time...on the other hand, if they want to call it an overcharge and refund the $20...
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    Huski: the problem was that people were getting charged that extra $20 TWICE: once as a separate item on the bill, and again as an extra $20 added to the price of the Visor itself.

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