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    I would like to get an idea of how many people have received their Visor, but never had a charge EITHER during shipping, after receiving...

    I just don't see a charge STILL on a Sept. 22 order, with approx. 4 verifications to my account, changed credit cards to alleviate the Debit problem, and everything was correct. Hopefully the CSR Supervisor who sent off the email to the fulfillment center kept everything correct.

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    Wow you are lucky
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    why do you say that... I don't have a charge, or anything shipping.

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    I think brennerj thought you had a Visor in hand, as well as no credit charge. As for me, not a ripple, no hold, no package, no charge, just "It should ship within 2 weeks."
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    Ditto me Buffasaur...
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    I had an authorization on the 16th and that went away, but so far no charge (and I received my visor on the 25). Here's to hoping they are so screwed I get a free visor..

    That or I can cancel my credit card and change my name.. that'll do it
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    I work in ecommece so hopefully this will clear some thigs up - it is illegal for a company to charge you for a product that has not shipped (ecommerce, mail order, phone etc).


    A charge = it shipped.

    No charge = it shipped or it didn't.

    Of course there are mistakes so this cannot be considered an absolute.

    Authorizations on your credit card are not charges, but rather holds on the amount for the product until it ships and they can collect.

    Clear, or did I confuse you more than before?

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    I didn't order a Visor - but keep my fingers crossed to get one soon!

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