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    OK, I'm working up my courage to call for an update. Anybody know what the current story of the week is about why they haven't shipped?
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    It is troubling that the stories seem to change. Until recently there was a long blurb on the web site. "If you ordered before October 20..." they have the orders, no problem. etc. Now there is one line: "If you ordered online and received a confirming email, don't worry" in essence. That adds a new wrinkle, since from what I understand the vast majority of people never got confirming emails.
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    OK, OK, I called. Got thru to Jason in about ten minutes. Found my order. It should be shipping out THIS week...he saw on his screen that I had ordered in September and wanted to know if I had seen the apology to all of us who ordered in September up on their web site...I allowed as how I had seen it. I asked him what level of confidence he had that my order actually WOULD ship out this week and he said VERY HIGH almost immediately...and said he thought I'd be very very pleased with the product once I had it in my hands and he was so sorry for the delays.
    Once again...I'm not holding my breath...but Jason's attitude went a long way in changing frustration to understanding start up delays/problems...
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    I called to check on my Sept 15 order as well, and found it was delayed another one to two weeks in order for them to correct the duplicate billing problems. I cancelled my order. I am not paying full price for such poor customer service (see my post 9/15 order cancelled). I still have faith and well wishes for handspring. i just decided to wait and see when they get their act together.
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    Why does HS need to stop shipping to correct double billing problems? Do they have just a couple of people doing everything? Put a person on the double billings and ship all of the early orders. This is insane!

    I finally got a reply from my request(s) for info through the "customer Care" form. Gee, I only sent 4 of them... It said for me call the toll number for Customer Service to get the info. Now wait a minute! I send an "email" because I can't get the truth over the phone amd they tell me to call...Go figure.
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    I checked my order status again today, last time being Monday when I was told they would be shipping mine within 10 days because of the call I made the previous week when I found out my CC info had been wrong. Now the CSR goes over all my information and as soon as he gets to the CC, I read off the first 4 digits, he cuts me off and says oh no see that's wrong. O.k. last week the number appeared fine except for the 3rd set of 4 digits now he's saying right from the start it's wrong. Then I mentioned the earlier week's experience then he says oh well my datatbase is read only I can't change it but if you called last week and they changed it it's o.k. He then tells me shipping is now 6 - 8 weeks and mine is on backorder. Supposedly the CSR last week said for sure Monday, Nov. 1st it will ship. I asked him then if I ordered Sept 16th and mine is on backorder, why would someone who ordered mid-october be getting their's before mine, his answer was that when I ordered they were not supposed to be taking orders and they were not prepared, DOH!


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