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    When I read posts on "Visor Central" it makes me wonder if I'm dealing with the same company (Handspring). Last week I was double charged on my cc so I sent a Custoimer Care form from the Handspring page. Next day I had a response! The next day, Thursday, I recieved a double order of Visor Deluxe's so off went another e-mail. Within 30 minutes I had a reply whcih is copied here. "The entire duplicate order will be credited. I will process a credit for
    the $20 for the original order." That credit was applied to my cc today, or at least I noticed it today.

    Today I also recieved a letter, via snail mail, which included a 5-pack of Visor Styli and an apoligy form the Customer Relations Manager, same person responding to my e-mail. She told me that UPS would send me a call tag so that they could pick up the extra unit, which at present has already been credited on my cc. Oh yea, if I decide to keep the extra unit then she told me how to notify them to re-charge it, my total choice in what happens.

    I responded to her, and Handspring, tonight saying I wasn't perfect either and mistakes happen, but I measure a company by how well they respond. To me, they have responded very well. I am very happy with my Visor Deluxe and have no regrets!
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    You are one lucky duck! That is the type of cusomer service that I (and I assume most of us here) expect to see from a company. Glad to hear that you got the kind of service that you deserve.
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    You are VERY lucky!

    I guess those of us who are upset that they haven't fixed their problems for are being written off as "complainers".

    I wish for just 1/10 of the luck you've had with HS.
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    You must be living right 'cause this is the only instance I've heard of. I only wish they were giving the same consideration to the 9/14 orderers. Congrats!
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    You must hit lotto about unbelievable luck!

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    I had a similar experience to yours in that I received two Visor's and only ordered one. I also received, in the mail today, a letter from Sandy Torres, Customer Relations Manager, with a five pack of styli enclosed, "as a token of my appreciation for your patience." In regard to the double order I did not contact Handspring because of a message I read on their website stating that they knew some people had received duplicate orders and duplicate charges and these were being addressed.
    My credit card had three authorizations at one time all for the same amount and all wrong. However, when the actual charge went through, the price was right and the two additional authorizations were removed.
    I am very pleased with my Visor and still strongly support Handspring and hope that their problems are straightened out so that others can feel as I do.
    My wife likes the second Visor and so we are going to keep it. Will contact them with the needed info tomorrow.
    As an aside, the styli do have a phillips screwdriver on one end and a reset pin on the other. The caps on the styli unscrew to expose the tools.

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    bbarron & Razputin:
    That's the sort of customer service most of us have been looking and hoping for from a company that claims "we're so committed to customer support it's not even funny." One question? What did you do/say to get this kind of outstanding response? I don't think I've obnoxious, bagering (hell, I've only called twice since I ordered 9/21)or even sent an e-mail. Please tell us what we can do to light that same spark!! It's too late to change my lifestyle!!
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    I was very polite and wrote the e-mail about the double charge on my cc in a respectful manner. I believed that good service would be given. When the double order arrived I returned an e-mail to Sandy Torres (Customer Relations Manager), who had replied to my first e-mail, and told her why I was double charged and that the extra order had arrived. From reding Visor Central today I see others recieved the same type of response. Also for information, I only placed one phone call to Handspring and just waited for my order!

    Good luck and hope you all finally get hte same service as we have!
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    I've been on the other side of customer-service disasters myself, and I can attest to the fact that

    (1) there are always some customers who are perfectly happy because whatever problems you are having missed them, and your best efforts to provide good service actually worked;

    (2) those customers are much less likely to speak up than the unhappy people; and, by the natural perversity of fate, there are always a certain number of customers who you will keep on screwing up with no matter how you try to make things better. It's a weird sort of karma.

    (3) it's extremely awkward to try and make some kind of public statement that will apologize to people who HAVE been wronged while not making people who are totally happy say "Huh? What are they talking about?" and perhaps reconsider their good opinion of your company. Which begs the question, *should* they have a good opinion of your company based on their own, petty, personal experience? Or should they be made aware of the problems that others have had?

    I don't know the answer to that one, but certainly in some situations, if I had a good experience but others didn't, I might not care too much.

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