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    Has anyone received email confirmation of cancelled orders submitted through the Customer Care link on the Handspring website? I have sent a couple of messages in to make sure that my order is cancelled, but have not heard anything back. Last thing I need is for the Visor to show up on my doorstep now (after I've bought a IIIx).
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    Received my Visor today!! Too bad I canceled my order two weeks ago.... I ordered the blue deluxe and a serial cradle. The cradle arrived about a week after I canceled my order. I thought well it shipped before the cancelation went through. But today I received my deluxe. FEDEX even.... I just refused the shipment and FEDEX will ship it back. So now I have a serial cradle just sitting around until I have the time to ship it back.
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    Sooner , My worry is that with the ongoing mess in shipping and billing, I have no confidence that they will 1) reverse the charge on the credit card, and 2) even acknowledge that the unit was returned and therefore charge for the unit.
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    I am in the same boat... I ordered a Palm IIIx yesterday for delivery tomorrow..
    I "cancelled my order as directed.. I have
    heard nothing either.... Isnt this crazy ?
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    It's too bad those who got one and didn't want it couldn't just forward the package to those of us that do...and transfer the charge. Yet another pipedream.
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    Well, I still have my FEDEX tag with the tracking numbers, so if Handspring denies getting it back I still have a little proof that it was sent back. Anyone want a serial cradle??

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