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    I ordered on September 22 (I remember because it was my birthday), so today is the six week mark for me, and it still hasn't shipped. I was patient and didn't panic or bother customer service, till it became very clear from this board that all was not well in the state of Handspring. Anyway, I started calling three to three and a half weeks ago. Since then every time I've called, including today, I've been told it should ship some time in the next two weeks. I was told that three weeks ago, last week, and again today.

    I'm stuck in some sort of weird millenial time warp, wherein although the days and calendar advance, my orange Visor deluxe is always two weeks away. Does the theory of relativity cover this sort of thing? Can any physicists on the board help me escape from this time flux dungeon? Please, I need help. The days advance, my visor never gets closer, and my aging process seems to be rapidly accelerated. Is there an X-Files episode in this?


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    Maybe we should all sing, in chorus, "Let's do the time warp again!".

    "It should ship within two weeks" is Handsprings version of "The check's in the mail".
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    can you say, "worm hole"?

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    Nah, it's Groundhog Day! Or should we start calling it Handspring Day? Every morning you awaken to the same crazy Sonny and Cher song (maybe it's really Jeff and Donna singing in this version), "I Got You Babe!" (I think I would fall over laughing if the hold music for the HS 800 customer service line happened to include this selection). And they do "have" you because you can't escape until the Visor ships! But that remains perpetually two weeks away.

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    Oh MY!! hahaah...ROFL!! Right on, Jackal.

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