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    After waiting on hold for about 2 hours this evening, I finally got through to someone. I ordered by Blue Vdx on 9/28, and have been checking back about once a week to see the status. Well, it came up that the credit card I used is actually hooked to my bank account, and not a credit card company, and it can be used as both an ATM card and as a VISA card. I've never had a problem with this before, and it always can be used as a VISA card, but the CSR told me that they can't accept them, and that they haven't been going through (his estimates were 2 or 3/1000 cards going through), so he gave me two choices. Wait a week and a half and call back, or use a different card.

    Anyone else had this problem??
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    Well, I think I have heard both sides of this. I ordered 9/21 and gave them the same kind of card you did (Visa/Debit). About a week ago I called to check on things and it still hadn't shipped. I mentioned the fact that the credit card was actually a debit card, and the CSR said, "Oh, that must be the problem". I gave her a Mastercard number at that point. She also said the Blue VDx was backordered, but that they had graphite in stock. I said either color was fine, so I changed to graphite because she said I should get it quicker that way. She was very polite, found my order right away, gave me a four digit 'ID' number (5846 -- which I haven't been able to do anything with), etc.

    Then I called early this morning (a lot easier to get through!) to check on my status. The person who answered found my order, but couldn't really tell me anything other than it hasn't shipped yet! He still had it listed as Blue (I assume he still had the Visa number -- didn't check specifically). He said that maybe the information I gave them last week had gotten over to shipping, but it might (probably?) would not get entered into his screens.....
    Also, they didn't have an order date listed, but 'last update' was 8 Oct -- I'm not sure what that was, except it was about the date of an email I sent to query order status previously...... It does make you wonder if anyone has a clue what is going on. I would feel much better if I could see a 'charge' against either my debit card or my credit card.
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    Given the number of people who have received their Visor using a debit card, the fact that a Visa debit card cannot be rejected if a merchant takes VISA credit cards, and the fact that most of what the CSR's have told many of us has nothing to do with fact - I think you got another "story" from a CSR who had no idea what they were talking about. Sounds like some of the CSR's are sitting in the break room trying to fill in what they know with what they have heard. Too bad. That doesn't help HS one bit.
    If you ever have a merchant refuse your VISA debit card, get in touch with your bank and let them know. They can get a lot done for you. After all, it's the banks reputation on the line. They gave you the card and told you that it would be honored at all places that accept VISA.
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    Same story here. I am the 28th person on this planet to have ordered a Visor, and it hasn't shipped yet. CSR thought it was the "debit card" thing so I gave them a new credit card number last week. Still hasn't shipped. I think I am going to cancel my order an keep using my old PalmPilot until the color units start comming out next year.

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    I ordered my Blue VDx on 9/17 and still have NOT recieved it....

    I'm starting to think that my VISA/Debit card is the reason....
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    The reason isn't your debit card. The reason is that HS has lost control of the ordering company. Tell them to look in the cardboard box marked "priority".
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    I ordered on 9/16 with a debit visa, got mine Nov 1st. I called earlier to figure out why it wasn't coming, and found out that they had entered the wrong confirmation address that was tied to my debit card. I have a feeling that a lot of this is going on with debits! SO i changed and received my visor a week later.
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    Handy: Does that mean you did change to a true 'credit card'? And when did you do this? Or did you just get them the correct address?

    I assume when you called they were able to confirm that there was some sort of problem with the order? Most of us, it seems, simply get: "Yes, I see your order here, it hasn't shipped. You should expect it in about 2 weeks."

    I was pleased to read about someone who had called in to check, was told it hadn't shipped, and then received a FedEx package the next day (that had been shipped before he called!!) -- Well, I can hope, can't I??
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    to answer the previous question, no I did not change to a true credit card, I just changed my confirmation address for my debit card...and he said two weeks, but i received it the next week. SO they are trying! keep your head up, they're slowly getting their act together....
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    also, to tag onto that last one.. I had called previously and got a "it shipped sometime last week, and should arrive this week sometime"-and when I wasn't getting it, I called again, and got someone who new what was up-I guess you got to find a CSR who can be more specific

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