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    Just got off the phone (again!) with that black hole that we've come to know and love as "Customer Service". I don't know what you people are talking about who claim to have gotten your Visor via FedEx, but I was just assured that NO order goes out FedEx! They ALL go out UPS! Somebody doesn't have a clue...can you guess who it is????

    BTW, mine still hasn't shipped, but they are "getting ready for another shippment and your order SHOULD be shipped then, but they haven't given me a specific ship date, yet."
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    I bet the only orders that have gone out via fed ex have bypassed normal shipping channels. Mine, for example, was sent directly from Handspring HQ, not from Logistix. I got it FedEx b/c of an incredible series of blunders on the part of HS which they were nice enough to correct by overnighting my package.

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