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    Today I called Handspring CS because I thought by now I might be able to get a tracking number. I waited for a few minutes and got a hold of a CSR. We went through the whole routine: we confirmed my name, address, phone number, items ordered; and then the CSR asked me to give him my credit card #. By then I was beginning to worry that my CC# was know the drill.
    Anyway, the CSR told me that my CC had not been billed, so no tracking number would be available. He then cautiously told me that it should arrive in two weeks. "Two weeks?!" I said. "That's what they told me two weeks ago." There was little he could do, so I just sighed, thanked him, and hung up. I then resigned to not even entertain the possibility of receiving my Visor until Thanksgiving.

    I went to school to drop off a paper, came home 45 minutes later. Did some more work. Logged on to VC discussion boards. Read a handful of horror stories about crashing Visors. Then I heard my dogs barking mad. I didn't think anything of it, because I know the sound of UPS trucks, and this was no UPS truck the dogs were barking at. The barking would not cease, so I went outside only to find a FedEx driver at my gate, with a big, flat box in his arm. "Who's it for?" I asked. "Chris," he said. ...I signed for it, looked on the box. It said:
    Handspring Visor Deluxe, serial cradle.
    On backorder: backup module

    ...well, well, well...
    I haven't even opened the box. I'm afraid to get the memory crash...

    I hope I didn't startle Donna so badly that she rushed a FedEx package to me... If I did, Donna, you have my utmost apologies. (Those who know what I'm talking about, know what I'm talking about.)

    Anyway, I'm GLAD that it arrived. If someone all the way in Hawaii received his Visor, then the rest of you in the continental US who are still waiting should receive it shortly. if only I could get that tracking number...

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    You have to laugh ! I was to get a call
    back today about mine BUT NO Call.. so
    I cancelled my visor order (I think..LOL)
    and I order a Palm IIIx to be delivered Wednesday.. Now watch, I
    will get a Visor AND my Palm IIIx on
    the same delivery ! LOL Would you be surprised? I wouldn't ! ;-)
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    Glad it finally showed up! Maybe HS is making progress....or maybe Donna took your threat seriously.

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