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    I am a very frustrated September orderer who
    is about to make a decision to buy a Palm
    IIIx this week and I dont want to do this. I called and spoke with Barry again
    ...He is has been super and is working very hard to help "all of us" get our product...I just need to know YES/NO if mine is being shipped this week (week of Nov 1) or not...then I will make that fateful decision..which I dont want to do ! Thanks Barry ! You are my choice for CSR MVP !
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    So what did he say? Is your Visor going to ship?

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    He promised to call me Monday with
    an answer !
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    What a JOKE!! I've heard that before.
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    I agree with your reaction. I am quite confident Barry will call me Monday with good or bad news (hopefully Good)...If he doesnt call by 5pm... I will order a Palm IIIx and cancel my Visor order.. if he calls and says it is being shipped this week..I will wait until Friday, if no evidence it is enroute by Friday, I will buy Palm IIIx...If he calls and says he has no idea when it will ship or it will ship in another 2-3 weeks.. I will cancel and order a Palm IIIx... My position is clear...My mind is made up...I know
    I am just a $249.00 lost in the large picture.. no big deal I guess, huh.. but what do I tell my friends that I sent the "extra"
    VISOR brochures to (I got at Internet World)
    recommending the Visor ? $ 249.00 has just multipled ! I have been in the "customer service business" for years...This, I must say has been an interesting experience !
    Stay Tuned for tomorrow 11/1/99 at 5:01pm !
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    Microman, How smart of you to post this on the public forum that Handspring CSR's read. Perhaps there's a good chance that your hero, "CSR Barry" will call you by 5pm tomorrow to give you the information you're looking for. Then again, perhaps not. Perhaps if I post about how I've called 3 times to correct misinformation on my order, (is that why it's not shipped yet??), only to discover that the same misinformation is still present, someone will dig up my order personally and correct it properly, enter it into the "database" (the *right* database), and I'll see the visor before Christmas. I ordered 9/16.

    Meanwhile the words of another CSR echo in my mind... "I cannot for the life of me figure out why your order hasn't shipped yet!" Me neither.
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    I'll post a "final" result here !
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    I have received no call as of 3:55pm...
    I had to order my Palm IIIx by 4pm EST from so it would be shipped today for Wednesday delivery... I have grown tired of this mess! Barry was super but of course he is just an contracted employee trying to do the best he can...I feel sorry for him and the others working their a**** off to straighten this mess out. I never thought I would be ordering a Palm.. I really am sad but life is short and it goes on... maybe I'll get Visor II or Palm IX ??

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    Well... In all fairness to Barry.. he did call back around 9pm EST (left a voice mail)
    and said " my Visor should ship this week"
    He spoke with a manager...Well.. we will see if I still get one.. I cancelled my Visor
    through the Customer Care email section as
    suggested by Donna in her newsletter and I ordered a Palm IIIx today for Wednesday delivery hmmmmm... anyone like to buy a
    Visor at cost IF I do get one despite cancelling ? THanks Barry for calling back,
    just a little late but I realize you are very busy.. you were the most efficient person I spoke to at HS CS...Good Luck to you through this mess !

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    I feel your pain! If you get one before mine comes, I'm interested for a fair price + shipping!


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