It had been 6 weeks since I had placed my order so I call the toll free number on Sunday (10/31) to check my order. They pulled up my info but stated that it hadn't shipped yet. I got ticked and ask them to email mail me when they sent it over to shipping. Well I never heard back from them. Yesterday I come home from work and find a box that was FED-EXed to me from Handspring. I was amazed that it got here so fast (under 24 hours and the fact it wasn't sent ups) Upon closer inspection I found out that the box was shipped on 10/30, the day before I called to check my order! Just thought I would let everyone know how disorganized they really are at Handspring's outsourced help. Now I am wondering if I will be receiving a second visor in their projected 1-2 week time frame the supervisor gave me. Good luck to all those waiting! The visor is great, no problems yet: crooked screen, dim backlight, streaking, memory errors etc. The visor rocks! but the customer service and communication sucks!

BTW: I ordered with a Visa Check Card without any problems.

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