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  1.    #1 credit card has been charged! Woo Hoo!

    I ordered my Ice visor on 10/5 via phone. I'm in Southern California so I expect to see it in only a few days!!

    Amazed to see my email newsletter. Nothing in there I didn't already know from checking their Web site. They seem very bent on reassuring me that I CAN check my order status, I CAN use the Web to order goodies including Visor T-shirts etc., and that developers are drooling all over them to create new Springboards. OK, whatever.

    I'm sure I signed up for the email newsletter at least three times, but I only got one email, so they must have done something intelligent like remove duplicate emails.

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    ND, you ordered on 10/5 and you are getting your visor alredy! Lucky.... I ordered on 9/17 and I have a reservation on my card, but no charge. Ice visor too.... I am jealous.
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    I'm pretty sure it was a charge and not a hold...All I've heard indicated that they were doing a massive amount of shipping today, and mine must have gone out in today's batch. I hope. I have NOT called to check order status so my euphoria may well be misplaced...

    irewolf, did you check today? Maybe yours has at long last been shipped!
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    I just checked, and the hold they had on my card was dropped! I now have gone from having a hold for ~$250, but no charge, to no hold at all! Yikes, and becasue thier stupid Customer Care (oxymoron) center is in the east coast, I can't even call them! This sucks...

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