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    I just got off the phone with Barry the CSR. He was the best. I was lied to by several different people about the status of my visor ( worst of all by the manager ) and finally got a hold of Barry. Barry is the best. He took care of me, answered all of my questions to the best of my ability and told me that he would get back to me as soon as possible.What a great guy.
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    Well.. I agree with you (see my post under
    Shipping) Barry is great BUT unfortunately
    Barry let me down today. I spoke with him
    Saturday night...He promised to call me
    Monday (today 11/1) with a Yes/NO answer
    on my Visor shipment. I never heard anything back to date. THUS...I cancelled my Visor order and ordered a Palm IIIx from
    today and it will be here Wednesday am..
    I hate to say Goodbye but I did. Enough is Enough !

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