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    Haven't been an active participant in the frenzy regarding order status, though I have read the "interesting" stories regarding the CSR dilema. After getting off the phone with Handspring CS, I felt compelled to pass this along.

    I ordered my Blue Visor Deluxe and serial cradle on September 20.

    Last week I called to confirm my order and make sure my credit card information was correct. I had a feeling they did not have the correct first name and initial for my card. Sure enough, they did not, so I provided them the correct information and was told I should receive my Visor in one to two weeks.

    I called again today to check the status of my order, see if it shipped, etc. I was told, through the cutting in and out of the phone, that my order was being prepared for shipping and I should receive in mid-November. The CSR confirmed my shipping address, billing address, email address, etc. I then asked if he had my name correct based on the call I made last week.

    He repeated back to me the original name I gave, not the corrected one. I told him I had called in last week to correct it and that it apparently had not been corrected so to please make the change. Here is the kicker.

    He said he could not make the change. Any changes to the original order information were "written down on paper" and "forwarded" somewhere to be corrected. All he could see was my original info, not any changes. He took my change down again and said it would get to the right place, but I am none too comforted by his assurances.

    Who knows if and when I will get my Visor. I'm wondering if I would be better off to place a new order on the web site.
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    I have had the same damn experience(s) and I have wondered the same damn thing.. My waiting is over by 5pm today...I am headed to a Palm IIIx if mine is not shipped this week... Enough of this BS !

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    Chalk up yet another victim... Just got off the phone and ditto on the incorrect information. Someone must have left the window open and the little scraps of paper they had my order on got blown under a file cabinet somewhere...

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    Dude, I feel your pain man.

    Last week I called a CSR for the second time only to find that my name was STILL misspelled in whatever stash of papers he was looking at (I thought I had corrected it the week before). So I felt pretty happy after he said he would prioritize me (ordered 9/15) .

    Fast forward to 3pm today and after an hour on hold, i get this garbled sounding CSR (what up with their phones today) and he asks for my name and here's the kicker, THEY STILL HAD MY FREAKIN' NAME WRONG!!!! I was like man this is the 3rd time i'm calling and you still have my name wrong and he didn't sound regretful at all so i went through the same bullsh** again and he put me on hold while he "talked" to his supervisor and he reassured me that the supervisor would take care of it ASAP. it was like deja vu.

    Well, I've done my fair share of venting we'll see what happens next week as this saga continues.


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    Deja vu all over again!

    I called to make sure that last weeks corrections (mind you these were corrections to prior corrections) were correct and that the Visor had shipped on "the very next shippment out of the warehouse" as was promised by a supervisor. Low and behold, guess what! My order hadn't shipped and the city name was STILL incorrect! Know what they are going to do about it? Fill out another escalation form! Yes friends, the very same form that was going to get my visor shipped out on "the very next shippment out of the warehouse". But wait! THIS time, she is going to put a note on the form!!! UUUUU!!! OOOOO!!! I'm impressed! Can't you tell?
    Wanna' know how long she thinks it will be before the second "escalation" form with the note on it will get my Visor shipped to me? A "couple of weeks"!

    I would have been totally heartbroken, had it not been for the fact that she assured me that she will get this form to her supervisor "right away"! Oh, I feel better already! Of course, when I asked to speak to the supervisor, I was told that there were none available. How can she get the form to the supervisor "right away" if they are "unavailable"? The same way that my Visor was shipped "yesterday", and then it wasn't. It's all smoke and mirrors...
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    My info has been correct from day 1 (9/20). I called yesterday and they were like "your info looks fine, I don't know why it hasn't shipped, and I was like: if everything is ok, where the hell is my visor... Needless to say I got the "it'll be there in two weeks" speech. I talked to the supervisor and he promised it would be emailed to shipping today and he would drop me a line. Still nothing. though. Thus ends week six.
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    Had I known it was going to be like this I would have purchased a large jar of Vaseline first.... I don't know about you folks, but I'm pretty tired of taking it from HS.

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    What the hell is an "escalation form"? I heard my rep using it today for the first time also. I bet when i call in next week they are gonna have an "elevator form" or somethin.

    Why are the "pioneers" who ordered first taking it up the ***? I guess the front line takes the brunt of the attack while the rest of these folks reap the spoils.
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    I think these are really cute buzz words to make us feel better, because I really haven't seen anything get better with my order. It's been reviewed, referred, placed in priority and escalated twice. Wow, you'd think something would happen after all of that! In fact, nothing has happened. It still hasn't shipped and we still have no one to turn to who has the ability to get anything done about the situation. I emailed HS directly and they "passed it along". Won't someone take the initiative and get something done????

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