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    OK folks - those of us who ordered online on 10/6 - 10/9 *should* start seeing some action at this point!

    My original confirmation showed an estimated ship date of 10/31. I think that was changed to 4-6 weeks later in the day. So we'll see.

    I confirmed my info with CS a week and a half ago and everything seemed OK, but I haven't gotten an authorization on my credit card.

    Anyone else who ordered online seen any activity??

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    Nothing yet. I ordered around 4pm on 10/6. Based on the received log it looks like we might see some action late this week. I was playing with the status page and it looks like they started numbering orders at 1,000. Based on other posts it looks like there are at most a couple of thousand online orders all total.

    My order number was in the mid 1500's
    Ordered: 1 orange, 1 ice and case
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    I orderd mine by phone on the 7th or 8th I don't remember and received mine in the beginning of was week. I don't know why I was so lucky but I'm not complaining either.
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    This is strange... b/c I ordered mine around 3:30 on 10/6 and my number is in the mid 1900s?!

    How is a 4:00 order in the mid 1500s?

    Anyways, I haven't seen any activity thus far.
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    I ordered on 10/6 first thing in the morning and my number is in the low 1100's... BUT I'm on the East coast, so I'm sure I'll have a few extra days to wait while the pony drags it across the country.
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    Are they actually shipping via express shipping if we paid extra for it? Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere...
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    Ordered 10/7 21:00 online. Order # 2500ish
    Haven't had my card hit yet.

    I haven't called HS yet (yee of little faith), but if people who ordered via phone around the same time are getting them left and right then they aren't processing the online orders ?

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    TO: JohnG

    4:30pm it was central daylight time which would have been 2:30 pacific time.

    Looks like one of us lucked out and to thier Visor. Hope springs!!
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    Ordered the morning of 10/6 via web.
    Order Number: 991006-1054
    Current Status: Visorless
    ETA: ?

    I am not in a panic yet, since the 4-6 week window doesn't kick in until Wednesday for me, but I have to say that it is discouraging to see people that ordered via phone a week or two later enjoying their new Visors. As excited as I was to receive my Visor, I just don't feel good about it anymore...


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