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    I just got off the phone with Handspring (only 14 minutes on hold, that's what speaker phones are for)

    As if they don't have enough problems, their phone system is cutting in and out. It sounds like you're talking to somebody with a cell phone with low batteries. They've got some people in RIGHT NOW trying to fix it. At first I thought that the on-hold music was playing from a tape that had become crunched, but it turns out it's their phone system. Even the CSR's sound garbled.

    So today may not be the best time to try to get an update on your order. Just letting you folks know.

    The CSR, by the way, was VERY helpfull and kind (Jennifer I think) and confirmed that my order is correct and I, luckly, don't seem to be having any of the billing issues that so many of you have had. It has not yet shipped (Ordered on Oct 18th so it's still a bit early) but they do have the correct addresses, card numbers etc. My fingers are crossed.
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    And as of this second, their online store on the web site is down yet again. Gee.
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    I'm beginning to have less and less sympathy for these people. Don't get me wrong, I used to work as a CSR and know what a thankless job it can be at times, but they just can't get anything right. I ordered on 9/14, my information was taken down incorrectly, the next time I phoned they said it was shipping even though my cc hadn't been charged. I called one more time and come to find out my address was wrong and it got roung filed to the "problem" list. Called today becuase they promised it was now a "priority" order just to find out that my address was still wrong! I would really like to have my VDx sometime before the new millenium, but it doesn't look like they can get things right...

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    Yes, but my real point was that the phone problem is NOT THEIR PROBLEM. Nobody at Handspring said "I wonder how our customers would feel if we garbled the phone lines today?"

    I'm just trying to let you folks know that calling in today might cause you more frustration than statisfaction becasue of this additional problem.

    Hey, this is why the leading edge is so often reffered to as the "Bleeding Edge" of technology.

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