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    I finally got an answer from a "Customer Care" form that I filled out when the site first offered this "service". Know what the answer was to solving my proplem of my 9/17 order not being shipped???
    "At this present time, the call wait time for all of our lines ar 2-10 minutes. I do apologise for any inconvenience
    caused to you, but you can call back at any time to address any problems faced or to place an order."
    So the answer to the "email" request for help with all of the lies and misinformation that I have been given from the CSR's was to call the CSR's!
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    Yet another non-apology apology --> they acknowledge there is a problem, do nothing about it, and send you/us right back to the place that initiated the problem to begin with!

    Boy, do I feel good about how much that Handspring cares about its customers!.....NOT!

    I still bet my 10/28 online order gets to me prior to my 9/14 phone order.....

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