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    I just got off the phone with Handspring, you know what? It only took ONE ring. Ofcourse, it is 2:30am here in the Central Time Zone.

    I had ordered a Blue Visor Deluxe with Serial Cradle, on OCT 18th.

    I called to verify the order, and also to double check the credjt card #, and make sure the shipping address and billing addresses were correct as well. Everything was correct.

    He did say that the Black and the BLUE Visor's were back ordered, however WILL be shipped within the 4-6 week time frame I was given.

    He also noted that, lately, most of the Visors are being shipped on that third week...That would be great, but, I will not hold my breath.

    Six weeks for me will be the end of November, and that is a long time... but I still think that it will be better to wait for it, than to cancel and go to Palm.

    Why are we all so anxious for such a device to be in our hands? This will be my first PDA, and my gosh, I don't understand it, I have never been so anxious to receive anything before. There has to be some sort of anxiety disorder for us.

    Maybe we all need some Paxil or Xanax to calm us down, I dont even know anything about PDA's and I am going crazy waiting for it. If I were a psychologist, and I am not, I would list as a therapeutic site on the web for Visor Anxiety disorder sufferers. I find myself reading everything I find about the Visor, and I find myself checking this site more than CNN.

    I don't know, just my 2 Cents... if anyone has any ideas about this "anxiety" or has any ideas to get my mind off the damn thing until I receive it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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    You really aren't alone... My wife thinks I am crazy... and that this is just the next 'thing' with me..

    First the Cd burner, then the DirecPC (ugh), then the digital camera... sort of an expensive childhood phase...

    But nevertheless I am very anxious...

    Did you say Black (Graphite) Visors were on backorder? Sheesh!

    Looks like more waiting (Ordered on Sept 29) and due to unremarkable penmanship my order is god knows where.

    Not sure where I first heard about the Visor...

    I am ready for it... Been using the POSE (Palm emulator) and have 300 megs of stuff to sort through... 100 megs of e-texts alone... and I have been downloading more .txt files and converting them to Teal format... hah...

    If anyone needs anything let me know!

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    Where did you find the Palm ROM to emulate? I am have been searching for a ROM to emulate and have no luck. Let me know... I have too much software to sift through too and would kill 8 mg's in the first hotsync.

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    The ROM for POSE used to be generally available from the 3-COM web site for download. Now you have to sign several things and even fax them in to 3-COM before you can get the ROM. Fortunately, a friend of mine had downloaded it several months before they became all draconian about it, and gave me one. I'd put it on my web site for download, but I expect that 3-COM would be less than friendly about that.


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    Interesting info on shipping. Today I called to check on my order (what with all the middle initial credit card stuff goin on) and found out that 1)It was still in there 2)4-6 weeks for delivery...I ordered Oct 22 3)Mine was in a different database since it was after the 20th. 4)There is no shortage of any color (including graphite)...that's what the salesman said 5)I was able to get an internal order number Handspring reminds me of the Uncertainty Principle: You can't know both if it's there and when it's going to ship at the same time. You have to pick one or the other. Just another episode on the continuing saga of Visor.
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    You know this draconian stuff with Palm ROM images is ridiculous. I wanted to download a rom image but that agreement seemed ridiculous for someone just wanting to start playing with Palm programming to sign. It certainly discourages individuals who want to start writing Palm apps (as opposed to companies who are used to deal with such formalities.) Probably their paranoid lawyers who can't give a hoot about the individual developers.

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    Interesting thread...

    I,too, am smitten with the anxiety bug about the Visor, although I have gotten along just fine for all my life without one! A friend has a Palm IIIx and has demonstrated what it can do, so I went from "Why in the world would I want such an expensive 'organizer'" to "Can't wait 'til it's here"!

    Funny someone mentioned the POSE, as that's another reason why I'm so hot to trot. The same friend had a copy of the O'Reilly book PALM PILOT, by David Pogue, which has a CD in the back that has about 3,000 Palm programs including the POSE and all the ROMS. I have been using the Emulator to practice Graffiti and to play with various programs. Coolest thing I've ever seen! Out of curiosity I went to the 3Com site and ran into the legal/bureaucratic maze Sarrett mentioned. You have to practically swear you're a developer and jump through all kinds of hoops, (lying merrily all the way, in my case) to download the ROMS. Ridiculous!!

    Ordered on 10/7, but still waiting......


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    Palm Emulator:
    There's a copy of it on the O'Reilly book "PalmPilot The Ultimate Guide (Vol 2 w/CD ROM). It also has about 3100 programs, hacks, and e-text.

    It's a great book that's given me a very good idea of how to use a palm device. I can give it a good recommendation.
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    Does the CD in Pogue's book run on Macs?
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    Yes. it runs on Macs...I just got it recently.. Super collection of software !
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    I have been without a PDA since my Palm 3 died 3 weeks ago.

    None of you are imagining it. Life without a PDA is sheer hell. The agony, the heartache, the papers stuffed into every corner of my shirt pockets getting laundered and bleeding magic marker ink over clothes. Trust me, a PDA is essential to life.
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    From what I have gathered, the ROM images from 3Com are specialized images for debugging and as such give you access to some of the Palm OS's deep dark secrets. The hoops 3Com makes you jump through are for non-disclosure purposes and you really can't blame them for protecting their interest.

    The ROM images you get with the O'Reilly book are "simple" images in that you can run Palm OS applications in the emulator but there is no special debugging tools built into them. There is also a tool that comes with POSE called ROMTransfer.prc (or something close to it) that let's you create a ROM image from your own unit. This doesn't do anything for people waiting for their first PDA.

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