Okay, I know people are still posting when they ordered and received their Visors in other threads, but I want a little more specific information. Yes, like many of you, I am like a young child the week before Christmas in anticipation of my Visor. I didn't order until 10/19, so I realize I may have up to four weeks left to wait, but I'm hoping order ship times may be decreasing, and I'd like to get a feel for when I should start looking for my Visor. I also hope Visor's shipping will begin to at least vaguely resemble a FIFO system.

So, if you have received a Visor recently and think yours may be the most recently ordered one received, please post a reply. Then, if someone else can beat that (ordered LATER and received theirs), please post, etc. That way, if we see that someone who ordered the same day we did has received theirs, we can start watching for the UPS truck. Make sense?

Please include your order date, received date, your state or province, express/regular shipping, and any other information you consider relevant. Let's not let this thread turn into a discussion of some other topic though, please.

Oh, and those first week orderers who are still waiting for yours--I feel for you. I really do, and I hope you get yours this week, but please don't vent under this topic. There are plenty of other topics you can vent under in this forum.

Thanks for your participation.

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