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    A friend is coming from Hong Kong, are there Visors there !?
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    No - but you can buy a Palm V for HK$ 2780 - or a IIIx for HK$ 2380

    You can also buy lots of expensive crap such as 'GVC', 'MARS', 'Everex'. Those will give you a very deep knowledge about bad LCDs etc.

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    I also live in HK.
    I have ordered a Graphite VD on 10/10.

    We can't buy VD in Hong Kong. The only way to buy is through some friends in US.

    Anyone from HK ordered earlier than me??

    I am just wondering whether I am the 1st people in HK to use a VISOR.

    Palm is very popular in HK. We can buy it easily in many retail outlets.

    Surprisingly, I can't find any Computer Magazine or Newspaper in HK talk about the TERRIFIC Visor Story (or MESS). That's quite rare.

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    Can you tell me where's the best price ??? Something which is less then 2000 ????
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    Best price for what?

    For Palm they have fixed prices in most shops (Fortress, Broadway, etc.). The computer shops (Mongkok, SSP) give a little discount.

    Sometime there are good deals in auctions.

    ...but USA is much cheaper when in comes to Palms. I don't think we will see Visor before 2/00 in shops in HK.

    By then it's too expensive if they don't work on the price a lot.

    PS: Just a reminder Palm does not allow online resellers to export its wonderfull product line. Even online shops which do export (such as will not export any Palm products. ....back to square one....

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    Hi, i have order a Blue Visor Deluxe on 6/10.
    But they haven't charge me yet! How about the others who live in HK?

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