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    I am hereby copyrighting the following terms:

    "Will be shipped on Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday)"

    "It has shipped, you should recieve it soon"

    "Your order is in database 2, we are shipping from database 1"

    If you find that CSRs from Handspring are using these terms, please let me know. I will file copyright infringement cases.

    Also, what kind of database are they using... Access? It's the only widescale database I know of that bogs down after 25 MB of information.... Otherwise, they should be using something a little more... robust, perhaps...

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    You forgot...

    "....we apologize for any inconvience this may have caused you. We will address the problem immediately and get back to you."
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    I will add that to my list.

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    Copyright infringment for what? Saying something?
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    Yes Nutt...

    It's called S-A-R-C-A-S-M.

    Can you say that? I thought you could.
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