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    I've tried several times over the past two days to check my 10/6 web order through Handspring's site (using my order #). I can't get any info. Has anyone else had this problem? I tried calling last week and was told that my order info could only be accessed through the web site.

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    I ordered on 10/6 through the web and I've had no problems checking my order using the order number.

    Did you get your confirmation e-mail?
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    Make sure you are putting the number in exactly like they give it to you in your email. If you leave out the '-' between the first block of numbers and the last, it won't find it.

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    I did get the confirmation e-mail and have entered my # exactly as it was given in the email:

    I'm concerned that the order was somehow lost. The thing is, I checked a bunch of made up numbers using the date-number format and couldn't get a status on any of them -- including one that I saw in another post that had worked for someone else.

    Maybe it's just me.
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    I tried to check your order, number 991006-1494. If you ordered a Visor Delux - Ice, and a premium stylus 5 pack then your order is there and is correct.
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    I can't figure out why it won't work for me. But I'll stop worrying now that I know it exists.
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    apart from order status that we can check on line, has anyone found his/her shipping status on line ? e.g. shipped on 10/28 ? or plan to ship on 11/1 ? or "problem order" ? as i am a international buyer, my billing address and mailing address is different. i have no way to call the CSR from overseas and waiting for 30 minutes to know my order status. if i can monitor the shipping status on line then i can understand whether my order has problem or not.
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    Check your security settings in your browser etc. I'd bet you've got something turned off that needs to be turned on relative to secure sites. The database for checking orders is "secure" so it has to been in your browser.

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