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    Can somebody from Canada post the shipping method/cost when they (finally) receive their Visor ?

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    Kind of seems like--even though Vancouver's a lot closer than the American east coast to California--that we're being given second-class treatment. I mean, I haven't seen that anyone from Canada's gotten their product. FWIW, I ordered day one.
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    I suspected the call center was in the GTA when the CSR who took the order did not ask me to spell 'Mississauga'. Not that it seems to have helped Canadian orders, though. I was told by a CSR that I could not change the shipping method to avoid the dreaded brokerage fee, and that it could take 7-10 business days for the product to be received in Canada. Only consolation is that our fellow enthusiasts down south are not doing any better !
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    I'm thinking Canadian orders have been put on the back burner. Not only have I not heard of any Canadians getting their Visors yet, when I called today (only the second time I've given in and phoned), I was told that my Visor Blue Dx had still not shipped and that I should expect it in 'a week or two'. I'm in Vancouver and ordered on Sept the 17th.

    They had no trouble finding and confirming my order, so it's not like they don't have the information. They must have a hell of a mess there to be delaying orders this much. I figure it's looking like 7 to 8 weeks total time since I ordered for delivery at this point.

    Oh well, I think I'm going to swear off looking at this forum and just think about other things until it arrives... famous last words...
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    I'm in the Toronto area. I called Handspring a couple of weeks ago and changed my shipping method to Express to avoid the brokerage. (They called me a week later to say that they had the wrong CC # and address!) The CSR entered the change in the computer and told me the change may or may not go through. It'd probably be best to call back and make sure the CSR changes your order to Express just in case. Anyway, I'm still waiting and I ordered the first day! I've been waiting so long I had time to write two Visor articles for FoxPop (

    I'm trying not to go too crazy waiting, but with winter setting in and my Visor still not here---I'm beginning to get a little depressed


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