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    I placed an order back when the Handspring site ordering system was online for a short time. Now that the system is back up, I went to check on my order and it doesn't exist? I 'm pretty sure I used the correct name and password. I also, never received a confirmation email. Does this mean my order never went through?
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    If you didn't get a confirmation email with an order number, I'd say it didn't go through.

    Sorry but I ordered on line and immediately got confirmations.
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    I ordered in that same time period and did not get an email either. On Monday I called to change that order and was told by the rep. It was not in the system. I had to reorder. But today the old order number could be accessed on their web site.
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    Thanks. With all the problems everyone is having, I think I might just save my money and buy a nice laptop.
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    Has anyone who ordered on the web had their order shipped yet? If so, did a tracking number show up when you checked your order online?

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    I've been trying to stay off the CSR's backs, and since I didn't order until 10/6, they aren't "officially" late yet. But I read the logs of the visors received, and there's people ordering by phone on and after 10/6 who received theirs already, some within a week! I know they're having problems, and I'm trying to keep calm and wait it out, but it's extremely frustrating!

    Has ANYONE who ordered online received their visors or a ship date that doesn't consist of "in about two weeks" or "four-six weeks after you placed the order"???
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    I ordered online afternoon of 10/6. I have been reading the receive log and it looks like Handspring is shipping at the rate of about two days per day now. If my estimate is correct then they are working on the last week of September today so those of us that ordered online should get our Visor at the five week mark +/-.
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    Ted, if they're shipping the last week of September, how come others that ordered in Oct have already got theirs and my 9/16 order hasn't shipped yet??


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    Well, MelonBoy, I've been reading the logs, and the deciding factor seems to be if the order was placed via phone or online. I don't see that any online orders have been received yet, at least from this board. The October orderers who have rec'd theirs seem to be all phone orders. So, I guess the plan should have been to order over the phone and pray that the guy writing it down in pencil got it right, rather than wait for the online store to come up so you could verify the info. I'm just hoping that they actually get it to me by the date they are NOW promising. My original confirmation said Oct 31, but they've missed that one already, unless they're planning to pay for Saturday delivery.
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    I think out on-line confirmation forms said SHIP BY October 31... I can't recall though. Still hoping for mine soon...

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