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    I ordered mine in the last week of sept and had it shipped to a Dallas address. They then fedexed it (I don't trust UPS anymore) over here and it arrived this morning

    I've got to say it's MUCH better than expected. Although as it's my first PDA I've got nothing to compare it against. very solid build quality, no streaking on the screen (in fact the screen's great).The backlight is reasonable but I've not used it in the dark yet. I like the graphite colour.

    Best of luck to anyone who's still waiting.

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    This is a cute story.
    You, across the Atlantic, receive your unit way before many of us "natives" will. It's good for a light-hearted laugh.

    I'm glad you have your Visor.

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    hey I'm even one ocean further (the Netherlands) so I should have received my visor before you

    I just called handspring (2 seconds waiting time btw) and they told me mine was shipped on monday...
    that means it must (have) arrive(d) by now and can be shipped to me so I'll have it on monday...

    Live is good in Europe

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    How did your order your Visor? I thought Handspring didn't sell the visor outside US?
    Please tell me, because I can't wait to get my visor!


    Allard Baronner
    The Hague, The Netherlands
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    I ordered my Visor by calling the US number and giving my delivery address as the american office of the company I work for. when it arrived there I had it fedexed over here (which only took 2 days). ok, so it's cost me $40 extra for the extra shipping but it's certainly worth it.
    These things are great, I've already sold another 4, so I'm hoping Handspring get their ordering system sorted out very soon so I can order some for my freinds with a bit of confidence.


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