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    I AM ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!

    New thread...

    Ordered: 9/14 @ 3pm EST
    Told: Everything is fine, it shipped on the 15th of October.

    Reality: Everything is NOT fine today, to my joy a SERIAL CRADLE WAS DELIVERED TO ME.

    Mad Because: I was lied to, it never shipped and they didn't ship the cradle until the 20th. AND I ordered on the first day, all information is correct, but my visor was sent to someone who ordered after me... )*(&%^&$*& DIE HANDSPRING DIE.
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    This sounds familiar. What color did you order?

    I was told TWICE that my blue delux shipped on Oct. 15th (I ordered on Sept. 16th, which is after you). The predicted UPS shipping day came and went, then another day, and another . . . I finally called (hours on hold to the toll line, about 20 disconnections) to be told that I was on back order and it wouldn't ship for another week or week and a half.

    Now, I don't mind being on back order if people who ordered ahead of me are getting theirs first. I do not even mind if other colors that aren't backordered are being shipped to people who ordered after me. But I wonder, has anyone who ordered a blue delux AFTER me already received it? That would tick me off even more than I already am.
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    I'd also like to know whether anyone has had any luck changing their visor color without being put back at the end of the line. I too ordered a blue visor, but I'd be willing to switch to "batman black" if my visor would ship sooner. However, I'm afraid any change in order would send me to the vortex of backorders.
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    It will surely be sucked into the "vortex." I guess you should ask yourself what's your thing: having a cool blue Visor within the month, or having a customer support nightmare for the next two months.

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    It might be blue if I ever get it.
  6. #6 here's a thought. I recieved the cradle two days ago, and my credit card was billed just for the cradle. I was just talking to them asking for the status of the order...they said it "shipped". When I checked the tracking number they gave me, it turned out to be the shipment of the cradle without the Visor. When I called back to tell them about it and see what the status of the rest of the order, the guy acted like, for all the order center's purposes, it had been the responsibility for the order has now gone out of the order center's hands and into the fulfillment center's hands, and there is no communication back from the fulfillment center to the order center. Now if that's the case, how will the order center know when the fulfillment center has shipped the rest of my order so that they can bill my credit card for it? You see what I'm talking about? This could get messy.
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    Ahhh...I just found out...I'm sorry I conjectured too much in my last message. I found out by calling them again that it's the fulfillment center that actually bills your credit card, not the order center. That makes sense.
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    I'm starting to see a pattern...

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    reganc: I thought that was funny, then I thought about it and it really made me wonder WHAT are they doing over there?
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    Ordered: 9/14 @ 11am EST (50-something-th order, in fact)
    Told: Everything is fine, shipped 10/15

    (sound familiar, Mike?)

    Found out yesterday that my blue deluxe was backordered. All my info (CC#; address; heck, even my middle initial) was okay, so they couldn't use that excuse.

    Guess I ordered too early. Oops.

    But hey, they told me it would ship within two weeks. And I'm in a priority database now, too. Left me feelin' warm & fuzzy, to be certain.
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    I just got off the phone with HS's "new improved" customer service. No more waiting on hold...but no new info either.

    The CSR was nice, but she had no idea why my 9/14 order hadn't shipped, didn't know when it would, where it was, what color it would be, or if my address has been corrected in the database that only supervisors have access to! Her information still had it wrong after several corrections.

    She said a supervisor could give me a call back with "priority" status (note: that never seems to mean priority shipping). I told her I thought I already had "priority" over a week ago, but what the heck?

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    I think the "backordered" thing was one of those BS lines that they initially thought could be used for folks who ordered colored Visors ... until Oct. orders in color started coming in.

    I ordered a Graphite, so they just told me - "oh it's shipped already" - which I later found out was not true. Everything was and is (fingers crossed ) correct - name, addr., credit card # etc.

    We'll wait patiently Handspring, but dare I say this whole logistics crap will taint your rep. as a company for a while.

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    You know, I really wouldn't mind it if they told me that they had really blown it and hadn't made enough and they were trying, etc. (i.e. the TRUTH...ooooh...novel concept) but this load of...ah...stories of the week/day that we are getting fed is grating on the nerves. Just tell me you didn't make enough blue deluxes...just tell me you haven't got a clue when my order is going to ship...just tell me the TRUTH...

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