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    You all know about the order problems, but what's really going on in the Logistix warehouse? Nobody can be sure, but it seems like Handspring's shipping policy is borrowed from Nike...

    "Uh boss? This guy only ordered yesterday and here's a 9/14 order." Just ship it.

    "Hold on a sec! This CD won't has cracks!" Just ship it -- it's not our fault if they have a crappy CD-ROM drive.

    "Now wait, this is silly, they can't use a cradle by itself! Won't that just add insult to injury?" Just ship it -- it will look like were making progress.

    "Are you sure they're gonna want to pay for two of these? I don't even see an order for one!" You know two is better than one -- just ship it.

    "But it's not even the same color they wanted!" Just ship it -- they ought to be grateful were even sending it at all.

    "Didn't they want the deluxe version?" Dammit you fool, didn't I just say ship it?

    "Should I toss in a cool free t-shirt as a nice gesture?" Should I toss you out of this cool high-tech job?

    "Hey boss, I just got a cracked CD back from a customer who was told to return it at his own expense -- what should I do with this thing?" Uhhh, just toss it.

    Please feel free to add any new conversations you overhear
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    This really aught to be moved to Off Topic perhaps... but wasn't it Devo that sang the immortal lines:

    When orders come along,
    you must ship it.
    And even if the orders wrong
    you must ship it!

    I said ship it!

    Ship it good.

    etc... laugh


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