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    I just managed to get through to a CSR on the toll free number. I ordered a green delux for my wife for Christmas (easy for her to ask for one, she doesn't have to be on hold all day to order it!) I then grilled the CSR about my blue delux I ordered on September 16th. He told me that the color Visors are NOT, repeat NOT on backorder, even though that is what he and the other CSRs thought a few days ago. He said that shipments stopped due to problems with double billing credit cards and mistakenly charging sales tax on orders (other threads indicate that this is a real problem). According to this particular CSR, a large volume of orders will be set to ship on Monday. He wisely refrained from promising me my order would ship on Monday, but did promise that it would ship next week.

    Of course, who knows if this story is true, but at least it is new to me.
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    Like I said on another post.

    It is sitting in the back of the warehouse at Logitix in a box label "Piorrty", spelled wrong so it can't ship.

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    Ho's another one. Last week I was told on Thursday that my Visor had shipped and I should have it by Monday at the latest. I waited until this evening & called. Waited 45 minutes. Was then told that it had not shipped & the problem was that the original order taker had not taken down my middle initial so they couldn't charge the credit now that they have my middle initial (which, of course, I HAD given to the order taker in Spetember)...I've been placed on "priority status" and should have my Visor within two weeks. Once again, I think I won't hold my breath...
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    They didn't have my middle initial either and funny because when I use that credit card over the phone or internet I never include it and it has never been a problem. I think this is all a bunch of excuses for something else. I called yesterday and was read back my CC # of course a section of numbers was switched and each time the CSR read back the supposed wrong #'s he changed the sequence which kind of gave me the idea he was making it up. Also he was just absolutley shocked at the fact I did not receive a phone call from someone regarding the fact my CC # was wrong. I think I better call again to see if there are any other problems that could hinder my order from being shipped Monday as promised.

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    They're really reaching for straws now.

    You don't need the middle initial for CC charging. I never give mine to other companies either, but it's on my card.
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    Here's an update (as I sit on hold...close to two hours now...). I called the credit card company this morning and that charge had already been I thought I'd call and see what the story of the day is today...I'll let you know if I ever get through...thank goodness for speaker phones...
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    You know that is probably a good idea to call back and check. I just talked with them yesterday but I'll be giving them a little call in a little while to see what's up today.
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    OK, after three hours I got hung up on. I called thru in 45 minutes. Spoke with Eric who told me he'd give me "the true story". Says that their computers only update the orders once a the CSRs can't really give you much info. Also, if your order gets moved up the line to "supervisor status" that doesn't get noted either. He says that if your credit card is actually BILLED (not just authorized) then you have gone to shipping and the CSR can probably make a few phone calls and get you a tracking number. He did encourage me to call in if I found that my credit card had actually been billed. He also told me that there is going to be a HUGE shipment going out next week and mine will be on it...(once again...I am not holding my breath). At least he didn't say the problem was my middle initial.
    I agree with the person who said on another thread that Handspring will be used as an example in business school textbooks for years to come.
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    I just got off with a CSR a few minutes ago. He found my order (and gave me an order number, unfortunately their web site doesn't know about it since I ordered by phone.) Anyway, he said I should be getting it in about 2 weeks and call back in a week to get a UPS tracking #. Don't you know once I get that puppy I'm going to watch it treak accross the country!
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    I called the CSR about 1.5 hours ago and was able to get some sort of order # out of him. It was a 4-digit # (1922). I did see in some earlier post (can't seem to find it) that someone posted his ordernumber as 991006-xxxx where xxxx was some 4 digit number. I assume 991006 was the date he ordered it on (october 6) so being the sleuth that I am, I plugged in 990915-1922 into the Order Tracking form and it wouldn't work. (I ordered on 9/15). I don't know what the CSR expected me to do with that 4 digit number but we'll see.

    BTW, what format was the number u given?



    Hey sarrett, I just noticed that you are located in Reston, VA. I work in Reston and reside in Herndon. Maybe our shipments will be on the same truck eh?

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    Yes, that's the same format I got..four digit. However, since it was a phone order it's not in their system to retrieve order info over the web (only web orders are in it.)

    Yeah, I live and work in Reston. Yes, perhaps we will get our orders off the same truck . Sometimes they scan the thing at every stop, othertimes they don't so we'll see how closely we can follow our units on their cross country treck, whenever they start making that treck!
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    And mine's coming to Vienna so add mine to the truck too! Actually, they can just send me all of them and I'll deliver yours to ya :> )
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    Did I hear Vienna............yes. Maybe mine will be on the same truck....fingers crossed!:-)
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    Sounds like a lot of us are looking for the big Tootsie Roll van to roll into Northern Virginia (Fairfax myself). If anyone is able to track a shipment to Virginia, please post!

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