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    It seems that the CSR have diff. BS lines they try to feed to customers on the line to get them off the phone or calm down.

    One I got was something about my order being in Database #2 and that only Database #1 had shipped so wait till next week ... blah blah blah

    I almost flipped out (actually I did ) and told the guy - I ordered in Sept. and orders placed in Oct. were already being recvd. He then said something along the lines - "... yeah, you're right. We've been having all kinds of problems ..."

    What BS line did you get ?
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    That's not BS at all... they HAVE been having all kinds of problems!
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    The BS was the Database thing. It's like supposed to be the magic word - Just tell them "Database" and they'll be fine.
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    The company is built on BS and the attitude of Jeff Hawkins!!

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    Shut up jpbelch. I'd like you to start a company and have everything go flawless for you. Its an infant company, you cant expect to get the greatest service in their first few months. They underestimated the demand and have been having with it.
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    I'll send you my CSR BS response. It will probably be the end of this week or the beginning of next......
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    Hey listen here Nutt, I guess you already bought their line of BS. I know they're a start-up company which is why I've given them some slack the past 6-weeks. Handspring being a start-up company has nothing to do with them constantly lying to us and feeding us all of the PRPRPR $B$*$lls$**$t$!! $I$ $seen$ $that$ $you$ $have$ $signed$ $up$ $to$ $this$ $Board$ $fairly$ $recently$. $I$ $suggest$ $you$ $read$ $some$ $more$ $posts$ $before$ $telling$ $me$ $what$ $to$ $do$!

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    Go easy on the java folks , I know you need it to get through to the Cust. Serv. line at 3 a.m. but ....

    Oh, another one. One time I got - "your order shipped on Monday, so you should recv. it either today (thursday) or tomorrow." (This was about a week ago)

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