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    Apparenlty according to 2 differnt CS rep's, the blue visors ae so backordered they havent even shipped mine and I ordered the first day possible. Needless to say i am a little pissed off now.

    anyone else in the same boat?

    Tom Alphin III - -

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    Same boat. Ordered 9/14, 11am. Deluxe, in blue. Reassured that it shipped on 10/15, until I called back yesterday and found that it hadn't. CSR was very nice, but after double-verifying my "info" he couldn't figure out why it didn't ship. So I'll wait a few weeks, just for humor's sake. At least they haven't dinged my credit card yet...

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    Another boat.... Same story, blue VDx haven't seen it, haven't been charged, haven't heard anything at all from the folks at HS....

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    Similar story...2 Blue VDx, but a week later (9/21). No news, no billing, no information but a week more patient than you.
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    I too am a Sept. 14th order without a Visor (not even shipped yet). . . what gives?
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    I ordered my Blue Visor Dlx on 9/24 and have been told on 3 separate occasions that it shipped, only to be told the next time that it hasn't. My credit card was dinged for 4 authorizations last week (each for $316.29-should have been $279) First I was told I was in Database #2. then it was database #4, today it turned into database #5 which was to be shipping "VERY SOON". Then I was further informed that "because of the backlog in orders we will not be shipping any units express-only ground"

    This doesn't seem to be improving in my opinion. A great product isn't enough!!!
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    Ditto, I have the same exact problem, I called HS and was told on numerous times that it had been shipped, but alas it wasnt. So I called today and was informed that all color orders would be substituted for graphite b/c the colors wont be in for a few weeks....and yet no credit? What gives...anyway at this point i dont care, I'm now in the priority listing and I have been garunteed to recieve it by next week. I dont know how much I can believe, but oh well. I'll keep you updated.
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    All color orders will be substituted for graphite? What if we didn't want graphite? If we did, would we have ordered a color (I ordered Ice). I ordered on 9/16, and no visor, no CC ding (called Tues, everything checked out ok). And we're suppossed to believe everything is 'Getting Better'? I can't even cancel and go buy the Vx I want. Sheesh!


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    ****; i was hoping for all of your's sake i was alone in this ****ty situation.

    I feel at this point; Handspring OWES us something for our time and patience; on top of actually shipping that is :-)

    Tom Alphin III - -

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    Based on the order / receive dates in the receive log it looks like they are shipping the last week of September now.

    Not to say that there aren't some holes in the 9/14 - 9/20 period.
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    My package was shipped yesterday. All in all:

    1.) Over charged.
    2.) Billed for express shipping.
    3.) Billed 2 weeks before package shipped.
    4.) Am not to expect this until Nov. 3.

    Thanks for looking out for us HS. You not only had 5 CSRs tell me 5 different lies to get me off the phone, but clearly didn't care to tell me EVER of the real problems at hand.

    I hope this is the last product you sell me. I would hate to be forced to depend on your company to deliver on any time frame.
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    I ordered 9-17. Blue Vdx. I have spent a total of over 5 hours on hold (2 of which I paid for because I was told to call the non-toll-free number about orders already placed). I've talked to 3 CSRs and 2 supervisors. My visor still has not shipped. I have sent 3 e-mails, but have not received a response. I can't believe some major computer magazines have yet to catch on to this major catastrophy of a product launch.
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    gadgetgal, read this: The people are speaking, but no one is listening!


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    My VD arrived in shipping at the hospital where I work on 10/26. Of course, they can't find it and have no idea where it could have gone even though they signed for it. Of course, there is still some blame to place on Handspring because they left my department off of the label. It never seems to end.

    add: They found it! It's very nice, as I expected. The screen is a striking improvement over the Palm Personal I have been using for 2 years.

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    Ordered mine on 9/14 and also haven't seen it! The worse thing is it's a black VDx!

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