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    Just got off the phone with a nice CR named Sasha (85 minute wait) to change my order. She told me they were doing some serious ramping up of their shipping and my Visor (ordered on 10/7) should be arriving in the next week or two.

    The other good thing is she was actually able to find my order. I placed it online, and when I callled two weeks ago, they could not access the online order database. The bad news is she couldn't make the edits to the database directly and had to write everything down to make the changes.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

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    Pls do get your hope too high. I ordered online too 10/9. Called a week and a half ago to check my order if it is still intack. Thanks Goodness it is. They said the same thing about shipping-next week or two. A guy here in my town ordered 10/12 thru the phone has his already. sucks
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    Natescape - I'm willing to be (very cautiously) optimistic, I ordered on 10/5 so my expectations haven't been sky-high...

    Did she say *anything at all* about colored visors coming off backorder? I ordered Ice; I've seen a few people who ordered in the first few days of October get theirs but all have been Graphite so far...
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    I asked her if there was any truth to the rumor that the colored visors were out of stock and they only had graphites, and she said they were all in stock and shipping.

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    I have tried to get through to the customer service, but don't want to pay for an hour or two waiting on the phone. Can they still check orders at the 888 number?

    Anyway, I ordered on the 24th of September, and still haven't seen it. If you guys who ordered in Oct. get yours before me, i'll be pretty mad. If I don't get it my next week, I guess i'll just have to go for a Palm, maybe a Vx, those are really nice, and I wouldn't have to wait for it I really would prefer a Visor, but can't wait forever for it.

    So, hopefully mine will ship in the same shippment as yours, or maybe before.

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    Yeah, I've been calling that number to check my status, (be warned, the hold times are still NASTY). Was told last night they were having a bit of a problem with their interface to UPS to get tracking numbers though, BUT, They were able to give me enough to work with on a call to UPS. The first 6 digits after the '1Z' (951880) is their Customer Number (I think that's the right term) for UPS, and the helpful operators at UPS will be able to track it down (& you'll likely get the same comment "Wow, they shipped alot of stuff that day" that I got). Just make sure HS tells you what day your visor shipped.
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    *Which* day did they ship a lot of stuff?
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    I have been eagerly awaiting my order since the mid - end of September. Have called many times and couldn't outlast the wait. Now I call and in under less than 7 minutes I get this guy who tells me that my credit card number was wrong and someone should have called me about it a while back. Yeah right! My gut feeling was to just cancel the thing but I now have to hold on which will be like 2 more weeks since he said they were not shipping anything more until Monday.
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    Nitpick, they must have shipped a lot the day before and they day after they shipped mine, cause mine is still on the shipping dock. The really nice CSR last night (after 2 hour hold) said that my Ice (ordered 9/16) was on backorder. Actually he said 'Colors are on backorder.' and I said, that includes all colors even ice? Yep. Says it'll be 2-3 weeks before I get it so I tell him I'd like to cancel my order. Sorry, no can do. We can't cancel the order. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!


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    Does anyone make sense of their shipping method? I seriously read this discussion board for hours each day. I want my Visor, and cancelling isn't an option. I want a PDA, and I figure eventually they have to send me one. And Visor seems the most for what I am paying for... (no not the headache, but I don't have control over this - let alone make sense of this situation).

    I gave them two credit cards, I have verified my address, cc#, name, so on and so forth... eveything. They always come back correct. I ordered on September 22, and graphite. I know I still have time. Truly, I wouldn't even mind if the September 14-17 orders were finished first. Just let me in on the logical shipping method one of the CSR or Fulfillment companies are using....

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    Nitpicking Department:
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    Hello there early reservees!

    It seems that there are members of the main-stream media that are becoming interested in the nightmare that most of us posting here are currently a part of.

    I just got off the phone with one such media member who saw one of my postings here at VisorCentral. She said at the end of our conversation that she has a call into HS to have them answer to the specific stories she's compiled from here.

    We'll see what happens next.....
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    See you on 20-20!
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    Good news. I just called the toll-free customer support line and was told my order was shipped Oct. 21. I know that this good feeling I have may be a little premature, but I also got a 18-digit tracking number!!! I'm going to try it out right now!
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    Bad News.

    I cancelled my Visor Dlx order 3 or 4 weeks ago and recieved 2 last night. Cadle are on backorder.

    Also check your invoices. I was billed $269 / unit instead of $249. And sales tax. I don't live in CA



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    Well, after trying my tracking number all day yesterday I finally gave up. This morning when I came into work I tried again. It worked!! Unfortunately this is not good news. The CSR I spoke to yesterday assured me that it was shipped 10/21. Well to my surprise it shipped last night at 10:30pm!!!! Once I get my Visor I'll no longer deal with this pathetic excuse for a company! They suck!
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    So far, I've had no problem. Called today (my first time) at 11:35 EST, got through within five minutes.

    The nice guy pulled up my order, verified all the information (everything was correct), checked to see if it had shipped (hadn't yet...I ordered around 10/10).

    Perfectly pleasant experience. He even apologized for my having to wait while the database screen came up.

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