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    I finally gave in and called Handspring. There was no waiting on hold for hours either. I think that was because I called at 2am though . Anyway, they didn't have my middle initial. Does anyone know if they need that to bill my card?
    He also said that it hasn't shipped yet. I ordered 9/24. Hopefully it will ship next week.
    Oh, yeah, I tried to order the styli off the web page, but when I go to buy, it just gives me a blank page. What is going on. I tried it at school too, same thing. Although, both times I was running Linux( as I am now). Maybe that is it. I guess i'll have to reboot into windows. Thats all.

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    You need to make sure they have your name exactly as it appears on your credit card.

    If the initial is on your credit card then they'll need it.

    One other note... if you are having your visor shipped to a location different than where you are billed then you'll want to call your credit card company and get the alternate shipping address listed on your account.


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