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    Has anyone received a visor on the East Coast yet? I have been waiting on hold to check my shipment and am wondered if the UPS truck has made it to the Atlantic.
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    I called UPS Today and was told one product was shipped from Handspring to the Pittsburgh area, unfortunately it was not mine. They also told me it was delivered the afternoon of 10/21 (Yesterday). So it looks like the visors are arriving over here....The question I want an answer to is how come mine wasn't shipped
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    I'm in Indiana, and if I don't recieve my Visor today, I'm going postal on someone's ***!
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    Better call them, RichF. I called on Day 1 to order mine, and they apparently lost the order. CS rep re-took my order yesterday and said I should have it in 10 days or so.

    Did I mention "aargh?"
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    I'm not up for waiting on hold for 4 hrs, I contacted Ms. Donna Dubinsky via E-Mail this morning. My email and her response and actions that have thus followed are on the following thread.

    Please see thread:
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    I ordered the morning of the 14th and I live in Kentucky. I don't have a Visor yet but I was charged for one!
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    i live in boston, and i received mine today.

    based on the lack of customer support, i promptly refused the shipment and sent it back to the company. i suggest you all do the same.
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    This is the best message I've seen so far. Brilliant!

    Who's still "chillin'" in NYC
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    Well I finally got ahold of CS this evening after about 3 hrs. on hold. I found out they had no record of my order even though I placed it on 9/22. Handspring definitly rushed this product out the door without thinking about whole process. They might have created a great product, but the rest of their system sucks.
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    Your right to do so however I'd of suggested receiving and then attempting to sell on this or another forum at a higher price. Someone would have bitten quickly. Heck, the way things have gone you might not have gotten charged on your credit card...a couple of people haven't.

    Good luck with what other company you chose but I'd say that Handspring has lived up to most of their promises with in their control. The units did ship in October (you'd would of had yours).
    The one thing that Handspring is guilty of is hiring extremely underperforming contract CS and shipping that can not react to the demands of the market.

    Oh! one more thing Handspring is guilty of is not sending email notifications as stated originally for phone orders. The real problem is outside Handspring control and I guarantee that even if they changed both the CS and the shipping everything would have been even more chaotic as far as we are concerned.

    Again good luck...visit us sometime your always welcomed.

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    To give a little perspective and help with shipping times... I just got done running a check on a tracking number coming into NJ. Trailer arrived at the Meadowlands Hub, 10:20 AM. Left Sunnyvale CA on the 18th. This hub services mostly Bergen, Essex & Hudson counties. Somebody's going to be lucky on Monday! The mystery is who? (This was not my tracking #, just one I derived by sequnce of known numbers of Handspring shipments.) Note that this is a GROUND shipement.
    Next stop NYC?

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    If the number to which you're referring is
    1Z95188003111730 (63), then it's probably mine, as I got that number early this AM. They told me that I should have it either on Monday or Tuesday (UPS told me that). I have been told it was shipped on 10/15 by Handspring and that it would arrive on 10/21 or 10/22, but alas it won't be here until 10/25 or 10/26. Not the end of the world, but I had hopes of playing around with it this weekend instead of working at home :-)
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    How did you get your tracking number?
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    They are giving out tracking numbers (only 16 digits long) via the 716 number.
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    That's not the number I was using, but it appears that both packages are in the same trailer & now sitting in the yard in Secaucus. I can see the building across my yard & the meadows. Monday may be better day than anticipated after all. Assuming that your town is serviced by one of the centers in the building, odds are good for Monday, definitely Tuesday delivery.

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    After I saw that particular shipment being in the Meadowlands (and me living in Hackensack on Polifly, less than ten minutes from the Meadowlands) I called UPS and asked them whether I could go and pick the f-in thing up. Of course I can't, but I figgered I'd ask.

    Also, I'm having it delivered to my office in NYC, and UPS told me they expected it to be delivered on Tuesday.

    The kick in the ***, of course, is that I'll be at game 3 of the World Series that night, so I won't have any time to play :-)

    << Not complaining, just stating the truth ;-) >>
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    Tuesday makes sense if it still needs to get onto a trailer going to NYC. The inbounded trailer is sitting in the yard. There is no sorting operation on the weekend. That means Monday morning, wee hours, it'll be unloaded, sorted & loaded onto a trailer going to 43rd ST (NYC). By the time that trailer arrives in the city, odds are good that the route drivers have already been dispatched. Enjoy the series, lets go Yanks. Rangers game looks to be another disappointment tonight, though. Dammit! Take care.
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    I count three Visors at the Meadowlands 1Z9518800311172224

    four more are in other kinds of transit

    and three are apparently delivered.

    Ordered 1 VDlx Blue
    1am Sept 15th
    Not Yet received
    Apparently at the

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    D-Day may be Tuesday, but keep in mind that the last tracking input is the Meadowlands. Sometimes they list them as in the station when they're already tracked in elsewhere (or waiting elsewhere). IOW, it's not out of the question, however unlikely, that the boxes (at least the NYC-bound ones, anyway) are somewhere closer to my office than am I ;-) Either way, I'm keeping my digits crossed :-)

    Being that I'm a Ranger fan, I need something to pick me up. As it is, I'm considering deleting the Rangers schedule I converted to Doc format ;-)

    Then again, I too am also a Yankee fan, so mebbe I shouldn't complain ;-)

    BTW, does anyone else have a bet with a friend in Atlanta for $100 on the World Series? I know where the money for my Visor Modem's coming from ;-)

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    Nah, that trailer is still there. The guys in the feeder department at that facility are pretty good at outbounding trailers in the system. If it'd moved from that facility, you'd know it. There is no Saturday/Sunday sort in that building to have unloaded it. I know this for a fact. On a different note... The Rangers disappointed us again. Interesting to see Mess lose his cool after the end of period buzzer. Go Yanks!
    Ordered 10/4, got confirmation of shipping, would like for it to be at the Meadowlands right now.

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