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    No darts, just pool. Three cues and counting. Nine-ball, Chicago, Straight, and One-Pocket. There is, btw, a nice darts score-keeper somewhere out there on the web.

    Meanwhile, AvantGo might not be the best on the Visor, as I've been crashing quite often this evening trying to get a load of pages into Ice. Aside from NYTimes, WSJournal, TSN, TSN/Hockey, FoxSports and a few other standards, I converted the Onion into a channel, and when I tried to do the same with Mr. Showbiz, I got an error message stating that there was not enough memory to display the page (even though with that one I disabled graphics). Gonna be a tough nut to crack, I think.
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    Well, I got through to Handspring today (only 1 hour on hold!) cause I wanted to cancel my order for the Backup Springboard and change my color from graphite to blue, but alas they said that my order had already been sent to the warehouse on 10/22. Kind of odd considering I ordered on 10/14 and didnt expect to receive my Visor till Thanksgiving or so. Oh well, anyone out there wanna trade a blue for a graphite?

    I just hope it gets here, they had my address wrong. They had my state as Massachusetts instead of Maryland. Oh well, hopefully UPS will look at the zip code.

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    Well UPS has mine right now. They tried to deliver it yesterday to my home address and they required a person to sign it. So I have to wait til today to get to play with it, but it is here finally. I am a bit worried though since I ordered a second VD when they couldn't find my order when I called last week. So I might be selling the extra one on E-bay in a few weeks. Oh by the way I live in Virginia.
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    Two questions: 1) When did you order your Visor?...and 2) Are you close to NASB Brunswick (hence your username)?

    (USN-AD in Brunswick)
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    Received 10/28/99
    Lynchburg, VA

    Visor Delux/Graphite/Credit Card
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