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    Could be good news. As of 10:59 p.m. PST, the HS ecommerce site is back on line. Now if they would only ship my 9/17 Visor, I'd be happier!
    Also, the letter from the CEO is gone, but the instruction to call the toll free number for order info is still there.

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    and when I called the toll free number it rang twice and... I got an operator (that's a waiting time of about 2 SECONDS!!)

    He actually could look up my order and told me it was sent this monday!!

    I guess the trick was that I called at 11:24 CET (that's 2:24 Pacific time...) so the call volume was low..
    Finally an advantage to live in europe!

    I hope I can get it to my place ASAP...
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    It's back up, but not particularly functional. I checked out my web order and only got a confirmation that it existed. The changes I requested yesterday had not been added...

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    On Monday a rep told me my Web order was deleted. I place the order again, graphite this time (Ice was on BO). For jollies I checked my deleted order on the site. Suprise, suprise, it was still there. Now I have to spend the evening on hold trying to cancel one of my orders. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

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