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    HELP!!! I canceled my order two weeks ago, received eMail confirmation of my cancellation, and last Friday received a Blue Visor Deluxe with Graphite Serial Cradle, but no credit card hold or charge. I sent an eMail to every eMail address on the HandSpring web site (as well as Fiona Williams <> who confirmed my cancellation) asking how to return this without calling their long distance number and being billed for several hours long distance. No reply.

    Well today, I got hit with a $303.42 charge on my card, and I have a house payment coming out in five days (which will bounce)! Well, I have been calling the 888 number, and even the toll number to no avail. When others have said they were eMailing Jeff and Donna, how were they getting through and getting such quick response? I'm in serious trouble, could someone please help me?

    Thank you,
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    It seems that you have done every reasonable measure to try and resolve the situation, ship the thing back to them COD and report the charge as unauthorized.
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    I will send you a money order next day air for the amount they billed you plus the shipping costs to ship it to me.

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    I would assume he's using a Visa Debit card, and that's why his mortgage payment will bounce.
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    You know, I've said it before and I'll say it again: Not to excuse Handspring in any way, shape or form for numerous screw-ups, but you should NEVER use a debit/check card to order something in any situation where the vendor is an unknown quantity.

    Mistakes or fraud can clear out your checking account and screw up your cashflow. Even if you are able to clear up the situation later the fallout can be nasty.

    Read "How Safe is Your Debit Card?" at

    I'm truly sorry you had this problem, edvisor. Hindsight is 20/20. I hope this information helps someone out in the future.

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    Yes, I did use my debit card, and I took RichF's advice and reported the charge and my bank issued a credit and will go after HandSpring directly! I have gotten a weak response that it will be "looked into" and they will do their best to credit my account by this Friday, and they will send a UPS call tag. The still haven't called me, and they expect me to call a long distance number... I ended up getting a response from eMailing every department with a form of begging for someone in the org. to forward this to help my family. I guess that they are good folks, just caught in a bad situation which keeps getting worse. I think I'll be ok, but thank you-all for your support and suggestions!

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    I'd like to know who you got the responce from.

    I just got 2 Visors and 2 bills for $291 on my credit card. I'll call them and tell them not to pay handspring and see if I get a call from that as well. I can't call and sit on hold for hours on end, I'm in MIchigan.

    Also How come the price of a visor is being billed at $269 instead of the advertisd $249?


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    As I sit on hold (the 888 #, as advised by HS), it's really sick that 3 went out to people with no interest in them, and I desperately want the 2 I ordered.
    Despite the Online store being up, they are STILL having a "high volume of calls." At least I know I'm important to them
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    CZ, the new 'shipping news' page on Handspring's site explains that they mistakenly tacked on $20 to the price of the Visor itself if you ordered a serial cradle (even though the serial cradle was also charged separately). They claim to be fixing the problem.
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    Chris Z,

    I can't post the exact eMail here (since it will be removed and I will be expelled!) but many companies use a system for addressing using the first initial and full last name, but I wouldn't want to represent that this is universal...

    I eMailed every eMail address I could find on the HandSpring site, as well as sending several through the "fill-in-the-blank" "EMail" forms on the site. Have you tried the "customer care" form?

    I have found that it is also helpful to beg. I entitled my eMail subject: "My house payment will bounce without your aid". It was interesting enough, and reasonable enough that a kind employee behind one of the posted eMail addresses named Claire Dean forwarded my eMail to Sandy Torres who is directly responsible for customer relations. She ultimately fixed my problem herself!

    Of course it is best to dispute the charge with your credit card company, and that takes care of the quick fix, then Sandy can clear it up in the background.

    I wish you luck, and let me know if I can help in any other way.


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