After talking to a supervisor on Monday, I figured that I'd better check back and see IF everything was correct and ready to ship. Guess what? I got a NEW story to tell!
None of the corrections had been made! I was told not to worry, because the CSR database is only updated every Monday! When I asked how I could be sure that the corrections were correct, I was told "They are correct".

This brings up a couple of new problems, as well as some answers to this silly system of theirs. One, they only update databases every week. I sure hope they do backups more often!
Two, there is no way to check that the paper corrections are correct. They are just done and FAXed to "shipping". Now pardon me, but it was the paper system that got them in trouble with my order in the first place. Don't mind me if I'm a little gun shy about not trusting a pen-and-paper system that is suppost to "correct" their botched up pen-and-paper system.

As an aside, I spent 3 hours on hold this morning without getting through. I just got through with only a 15 minute wait. It's kind of spotty, but the phones seem to be getting better. Not great - but better.

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