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    Look for yourself. The CSR said it's happening to more than one. All in my "block" of tracking numbers give the same result.

    Unable to track shipment "1Z 951 880 03 1132 001 9".

    We could not find information for this tracking number. Make sure the tracking number is correct
    and try again.

    Message received:


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    Same for me, same message!!! This sucks I finally got a tracking number and it doesn't work!!!!!!!!
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    What they could mean is that the local shipper issued a UPS tag for the packages, and has never called for a pickup. The tracking number is generated and printed on the local shippers computer system.
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    Yer kidding? So they may not have ever shipped it? Oh I'm mad now. I was charged on the 15th, and still the thing ain't out the door??? I ordered darn near the minute they started taking them, and this is what I get for being excited about their product.

    I refuse to accept this any further. I understand some delays, but this far is far enough.
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    Although there is a possibility that the UPS database could be down, it is normally pretty reliable. They may be preparing shipping labels, hence the tracking number, but haven't got them out the door. Shipping was placed on hold and I haven't received an exact date that shipping will resume.
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    I would like this information from a Handspring Rep at least. I have been tossed the same amount of disinformation as anyone here, but have managed to keep calm until now. I really am upset that later orders have been filled, that I have dealt with being overcharged, and that I paid for PRIORITY and have been treated as a minor nusance.

    Of course, I have no other outlet for these rantings than here, which is sad. I would love to talk to a supervisor about demanding a FedEx overnight, which I would suspect little other than an insulting reply back on. I only wish them luck in the future, but the way they've treated me leads me to suspect I'm buying a white elephant.
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    I'm sure that we're not buying a white elephant, but the way that we have had to but it leaves a lot to be desired. The only way to be 100% sure that your Visor is on the way is with a UPS tracking number. Just keep checking that number. Of course, those shippping orders could be cancelled, and new ones issued with different tracking numbers, but I hate to think about that possibility...
    I tried to get a CSR supervisor to overnight one, but that was a "no go". The best that they could promise (yes I know, I've been promised the moon and they have not delivered) was "priority" handling, and that it would be on the next shippment out, whenever shipping resumes. We shall just have to wait and see...
    p.s. I'm currently at 1 1/2 hours on hold, listening to the "new" voice.
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    Latest excuse:

    "Your package was marked for ground shipping."

    "I ordered Express."

    "Well, ground takes 7-10 days. You should have it tomrrow or Monday. Call back Monday if you don't have it."

    Horse crap.

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